Help te plaatsen of zoeken advertenties


How to publish my room, apartment or house?

How to publish my room, apartment or house?
Click on Publish Ad (if it is your first time in Gabinohome "Register") and then fill out the form with the details and characteristics of your property, we recommend you post many photos.

Reservation System

Reservation System

To add the reservation system:

1.- Enter your account and in the control panel click on the "Reservation System" button.

2.- A registration form opens in which you must register
3.- Once registered, you can now start receiving payments.
4.- You can now accept reservation requests and request payment for the reservation.


Hoe kan ik een veilig reserveren?

How can I safely pay rent?

The only safe way to pay is to do so within our payment system. If the owner does not have it activated, ask them to register in the Reservation System that Gabinohome has available for them.

Once you register in the reservation system, the owner will send you a payment request that will reach your Gabinohome account and you must do it within our platform.

* For your safety.

- Never pay outside of Gabinohome.

- If an owner asks you to pay directly to their account by transfer, Report it and we will block that ad.

How do I request a Reservation?

How do I request a Reservation?

Within the ad sheet, click on Choose Date, once the form is open, choose an arrival and departure date, choose the number of people and click on Request Reservation.

The owner will receive the request and can accept or reject it.

Only Owners with the active reservation system within Gabinohome can request reservation payments.

* Gabinohome internal payment system

- Owners registered in our payment system have the option of requesting the reservation and payment within Gabinohome, for this a payment form will be opened, once you make the payment, your money will be saved in the account. Gabinohome until the check-in date, once this happens, you have 24 hours to approve, claim or cancel the transaction, in any case on this check-in date, the Gabinohome reservation fees and the cost of card payment will be removed from the total in case of return.