Rooms for Rent in Lisbon

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Portugal - BEACH ROOM in CARCAVELOS-PAREDE - NOVA SBE UNIVERSITY For Students / Professionals that want to enjoy our surfing community while studying / living in Portugal-Lisbon you have an unique opportunity with this room. Carcavelos-Parede BEACH ROOM near to everywhere by foot, such as: less than 1 min to the beach; also 8-10 min walking by foot to the new Carcavelos University NOVA SBE; also 3 min to the main vilage center where you can find all supermarkets, doctors, cafes and restaurants and ALL PUBLIC TRANSPORTS (bus & train & taxis) that take you to everywhere, such as by train you are in Lisbon in 20 min and Cascais in 5min. IMPORTANT Note: DEPENDING HOW LONG YOU WISH TO STAY --> DIFFERENT PRICES APPLY. See Below Please Note: PRICE SHOWN in the TITLE of this advert is for 1 person LONG TERM RENTAL (12 or more months) plus DEPOSIT of 1 month. THE DIFFERENT RENTAL PERIODS ARE: ... LONG TERM RENTAL is FROM 12 months --> PRICE SHOWN in the ADVERT + Deposit of 1 month (no bills Included) ... MEDIUM TERM RENTAL is FROM 6 months upto 12 months --> add to the price adverted more 30 to the price shown + Deposit of 1 month (no bills Included) ... SHORT TERM RENTAL is FROM 1-month upto 5 months --> add to the price adverted more 70 to the price shown + Deposit of 1 month (no bills Included) ... HOLIDAYTERM RENTAL – a fortnight (15 days) --> add to the price adverted more 80 (with all bills Included) ... HOLIDAYTERM RENTAL – per week --> PRICE SHOWN in the ADVERT (with all bills Included) ... HOLIDAYTERM RENTAL – per day (from 3 days minimum) --> PRICE SHOWN in the ADVERT per night (with all bills Included) Please note: a deposit of same monthly rent value applies where is stated. The deposit money will be refunded at the end of your staying after all expenses paid. This deposit covers any damages or any additional cost that might incurred (such as unpaid bills); or if you leave the room before the date that was agreed at the beginning of the room reservation then the deposit money will not be return. If you wish, you can call or email to schedule a visit. RESERVATIONS of the room for later date, are possible with the payment of 200 euros. Location: Parede / Carcavelos - Room is located only 20 minutes from LISBON and its tourist attractions and 5 minutes from Estoril-Cascais. Moreover, the room is only 3 minutes walk from Paredes train station (where you have every 20 minutes, train to Lisbon and there you have direct connection with the metro line) and 3 minutes walk from the city centre where you have all the supermarkets you need, cafes, restaurants. Nearby a bakery makes hot bread twice a day (morning and afternoon), Facilities: Fully furnished room with double bed (ideal for 1-), cable TV ( 20 channels) + Ultra fast Fibra wireless WI-FI Internet, bath / WC, fully equipped kitchen with: fridge, stove, microwave - microwave, oven and washing machine (please note that the washing machine facility is NOT available for Holidays rental period. However, if you still wish to wash your clothes in doors, the washing machine is still available but at an extra cost (not included in the price) Environment: very welcoming, friendly and international environment (Portuguese, Spanish and English speakers), where pets are allowed. Note: House contains cat & dog. Come and meet us, I will be delighted to meet you As you already know, the Portuguese are very friendly and they like to help.
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