About us at Gabinohome

Jaime Velasco-Astete
Jaime Velasco-Astete

In 2001, I ventured to move to Malaga and give life to Gabinohome. Since then, I have dedicated my time and effort to making Gabinohome a marketplace with direct reservations to rent rooms, apartments and houses in Spain and the world. Welcome!

Chris Bolson
Chris Bolson

I have been working in web development since 2000 and joined the Gabinohome team in 2004.

My task is to keep everything working on gabinohome.com along with its' associated sites.

HoostGreen SL
HoostGreen SL

We are Computer Engineers specialized in Free CRM & ERP Software, development of native Apps on Android/iOS and Electronic Commerce with more than 20 years of experience.

Jose Maria Hidalgo
Jose Maria Hidalgo

I develop the Gabinohome.com payment system and make sure everything works.

Gabinohome - Your Rental Solution

Welcome to Gabinohome

Gabinohome is an online marketplace for booking rooms in shared flats and renting apartments for months or long-term stays in Spain and Europe.

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Direct communication with your roommate or owner.
  2. Security with our own payment system.
  3. No intervention in your rental operation.
  4. Competitive prices by dealing directly with the owner.
  5. Personal Shopper service available.

Our Clients and Users

  • Private Property Owners
  • Professionals: Real estate agencies, rental managers, etc.
  • Students and Erasmus participants
  • Digital Nomads, Expats, and Travelers
  • Families seeking short or long-term rentals


Our mission at Gabinohome is to provide an online booking solution for rooms and rental properties, promoting transparency and efficiency in the rental market.


Our vision is to connect people for seamless, secure, and transparent online rentals, revolutionizing the way people find and rent their homes.