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Jaime Velasco-Astete
Jaime Velasco-Astete

Ik studeerde Law in Zaragoza, ik verhuisde naar Malaga in 2000 en in 2001 ben ik begonnen met Gabinohome.com te ontwikkelen met behulp van enkele vrienden.

Mijn baan is om Gabinohome te helpen doorzetten tot een van de beste webs voor vakantieverhuur en onroerend goed advertenties in de wereld.

Chris Bolson
Chris Bolson

Ik ben in Spanje verhuisd na mijn diploma aan de Universiteit van Northumbria in 1994. Ik ben sinds 2000 werkzaam in webontwikkeling en is in 2004 bij het Gabinohome-team betrokken. Mijn taak is om alles op gabinohome.com te houden en het is zuswebsites.

Esther Montero
Esther Montero

Graad in de journalistiek aan de Universiteit van Malaga en altijd kijken ernaar uit om te evolueren, om te leren en, uiteraard, op het web gebruikers te helpen. Ik werd lid van het team van Gabinohome in de zomer van 2016, voornamelijk als community manager en redacteur van de inhoud.

Gabinohome SL. Malaga-Spain. CIF:B92528090
Registro Mercantil de Malaga, Tomo 3519,libro 2431, Folio 8 , Hoja MA-69282

Gabinohome International, Search & Advertise for Property and Accommodation. Top international website - in 15 languages with Over 600,000 visits per month

Gabinohome is a web of real estate and accommodation advertisements based in Spain that provides and fast access , to its searching service without user IDs, passwords or profile.Our team originally based in Spain is made up of international personnel not only from Spain but from around the world. We combine creativity and international business characteristics from Europe, America and Oceania to form an international communication team of committed professionals.

Experience We have more than 10 years experience in the development and design of Gabinohome its promotion and maintenance.

How we support you The experience of a company that works for the satisfaction of its clients . The security of working with a serious and responsible company We have more than 2.000.000 hits every month Thousands of satisfied clients already using Gabinohome to sell/ rent / house exchange. Access to world-wide the real estate market Excellent position of our web page in the best search engines in the world. Gabinohome’s investment to ensure we are among the best web portals in the world The recommendation of many Universities using Gabinohome as their student accommodation portal. The professionalism of our team, working exclusively to provide the best results for your advertisements.

Vision To be recognised on a national and international level as the main source of information on the internet for searching and advertising real estate properties.

We Value We value truth and honesty in business, excellence in the quality of services, the respect and dignity of all clients and the respect and dignity of all people.

General Information The information that is presented in Gabinohome is a combination both free advertisements and previous paid advertisements. Objectives of Gabinohome In the development of Gabinohome.com we have kept in mind the following groups:

  • Propriertors of house and apartments that wish to offer their properties for rent or for sale through the internet so that they can reach clients from all over the world.
  • Individuals and Families looking for a flat or house to buy or rent as their principal place of residence.
  • Families seeking apartments or flats to rent for their vacations.
  • Property owners that want to do a house exchange for vacations!
  • International (Erasmus) students that need lodging in share flats.
  • Professionals seeking lodging in apartments to conduct business internationally.
  • International language students that need lodging in flats or rooms to rent
  • Tenants renting flats that wish to rent out individual rooms.
  • Real Estate Agents that besides having their own web site, need gabinohome as a advertising portal for their properties to reach more people on a international scale.

Although this service was designed originally for people in Spain, persons originating from many diverse countries are using Gabinohome and our current clients are able to access Gabinohome from any country in the world...