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Vacker bit mark med att bygga potential i Portugal

39000 30000 30%
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peraboa, Covilha, Castelo Branco, Portugal Nästan en hektar mark i ett lugnt läge med väl vatten och byggmöjligheter för ett fotavtryck av 180m². Omgiven av träd, med utsikt över byn Peraboa. Utmärkt område för vackra promenader på skogsvägar i hela landet. Mycket vatten i jorden och massor av fruktträd och vingårdar i närheten. Landet består av kullar och slätter, en liten dal i mitten där en bäck rinner genom. 15 minuter från den stora staden Covilha. Denna stad är en ung livlig universitetsstad med många olika anläggningar såsom universitet, sjukhus, många butiker och ett stort köpcentrum. Lantligt läge med en buss på 1 km från ingången till landet. Två byar som ligger ca 3 km (Ferro och Peraboa). Trevliga grannar i närheten. Det är en trevlig plats att designa ditt hus och släppa. Det kan vara en semester, till exempel ett block av trä som inte kostar mycket pengar. För att ställa in ett träblock du är beroende på dina behov förlorar ett belopp mellan 15.000 till 50.000 euro. Att bygga ett hus kostar 600 euro per m2.
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Hus d / Semester REA - Utmärkt tillfälle

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6000, Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco, Portugal Villa belägen i området tallskog. 5 minuter från strandlinjen där det är möjligt paddling och simning. Terrass, ugn, grill, garage med elektrisk port. Perfekt för semester och helger. Walled i Slate. Oron i användningen av material från omgivningen. Tillgänglig för funktionshindrade, Larm, Luftkonditionering, Utrustat kök, Parkering, Garage (box), Trädgård, Möblerad, Balkong, Utsikt över fält / kullar, Utsikt över floden
Hus d / Semester REA - Utmärkt tillfälle Huvudfoto

Dream Farm for Sale, (Penamacor)

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Pedrogao De Sao Pedro, Penamacor, Castelo Branco, Portugal An opportunity to buy a 2 hectare Productive-farm with a Breath-taking view & several other buildings, all for an incredible price. Building 1 :- The Farm has a detached Villa with an open stone fireplace, which also has a loft with windows. The property has 2 bedrooms and there is stone-flooring throughout. The windows have 2-Position lockable Steel-Shutters, which open onto a breath-taking view of the Serra Da Estrela Mountains. Mains-Electricity is installed at the Farm & the Villa is complete with lighting and surge protected plug sockets .... Moreover, High-speed wireless Internet is already at the premises .... The property has a Steel-Framed security door, which leads from the living room onto a fabulous stone patio, with authentic stone picnic table. Where grape vines hang from Wire-Trellis and leads you out onto an open balcony and a fabulous canopied balcony .... There is also a conveniently placed stone water reservoir there, with tap, for watering the Orange tree and Plants that puts the finishing touches to the blissful scene .... Building 2 :- A 2 story stone Barn, with Metal-Farmed security door. It is very warm all year round and is twice the size of the house .... The barn is built entirely from breeze-blocks and has large terracotta tiles, similar to the house. It is Located around 100 Yards from the Villa, meaning that whether it was humans or animals housed there, noise would not be heard from the other building. The stunning feature to 1 side of the barn is the 50 foot deep lake, approximately 80 feet long ..... To the other side of the barn is a phenomenal vineyard of straight lines of vines .... To the read of the property is a hill with an outstanding view of the whole of the entire area, which has to be seen to be believed .... Building 3 :- A rustic 100 Year old cottage, all original stone and tiles, with secure metal door and lock .... The property leads out into a breathtaking orange grove and has a conveniently located stone water reservoir for watering the plants and trees all around the building .... Building 4 :- A huge chicken coop, around half the size of the house, complete with cages and with metal fencing and massive chicken-run .... Building 5 :- A stable, for either goats, sheep or pigs, with feeding area and lockable shelter ..... Building 6 :- Fantastic air conditioned wine cellar, with several plastic kegs of house wine .... Building 7 :- Storage cellar, for machinery, tools, and pumps, the same dimensions as the wine cellar .... Building 8 :- A large cockerel stable, with lockable metal door .... Building 9 :- A fantastic stand alone stone working bread oven, which is tiled and has all the appropriate pipe work and chimney .... On Deed-2, (which comes with the same property ....) Building 10 :- A large garage which would house 1 car or tractor, complete with mains electricity sockets and lighting .... Building 11 :- A large wood pile, the same dimensions as the adjoining garage, which stores up to a years worth of fire wood .... Land Description Both title deeds cover the whole land .... On Deed-1 you have a cement driveway which leads onto the farm on your right you have the garage and woodpile .... On your left you have the large lake .... Facing you have the house, the rustic bread-oven, and to their left is the stone patio. With the breathtaking view of the mountain range beyond it .... To the left again you have the balconies .... Farther left you have the chicken coop and large fenced run .... Leading on from the lake you find the stone barn, by its side is a really large Fig Tree, 2 More are before the house .... Above and behind the stone barn you have young live Trees with an astonishing view of the whole area ..... There are also young grape vines intermingled in that location .... below that feature you have a variety of Fruit Trees lining 1 side of the Stone Barn also .... Swooping down from that point you find a massive vineyard of young productive vines which provided a Tonne of Grapes last season and should yield more this year .... Conveniently placed near The center of the Vineyard is a Deep Wide Borehole, around 8 Meters, which fills up quickly all year round .... with convenient apertures on both sides for pipe entry .... There are electric cables leading to both wells on the property for electric pumps and machinery .... Facing on from there is a row of Apple Trees which sweeps down to the productive Olive Grove, which yielded 600 Kilograms of Olives last season and that was from harvesting only half of the Trees .... The entire farm has An ancient stone wall, made of really large dark rock .... Beyond the Olive Grove you have yet another really young strip of Grape Vines, which lead to the Exit Gate and another road which leads to the rest of the farms in the area .... To The Other Side of The Bore-Hole You Have An Orange Grove which Leads towards The ancient Stone Cottage .... You Can Eat Oranges and Tangerines All Year round From The Farm .... You are then facing 4 Rows of Fruit Trees, with Several More on Your Right .... The Rows Have Stone Pillars and Wire Fencing to Support The Grape Vines which Interlace Them Beautifully .... First and Foremost are the 2 Massive Pear Trees, there are Also some Young Pear Trees Near The Borehole .... Above The Rows of Fruit Trees and Vines and to The Rear of The Ancient Cottage, is a Large Area of Land with Several 70 Foot Tall Cork-Trees, which Yield an Income from Their Bark .... On The Opposite Side of The Fruit-Tree Rows is a Hill, Following The Tiered, Long Large Steps Which Means the Farm is not likely to Ever Experience flooding .... You come to the second well, which is over 100 years old and still has the ancient Donkey worked water wheel .... The water from both The borehole and well is good enough to Bathe in and clean with .... There are 4 stone reservoirs, 2 with taps and the nearest to The Well has a stone channel which leads to several apple trees and a lovely vegetable patch .... In This area of the farm you have 4 large sections of land for farming, with stone pillars lining and separating each distinct area .... This leads on to a gob smacking forest of Ancient Olive Trees, with a massive yield .... each tree is between 400 - 600 Years of age and have a Tolkienesque quality to them .... From start to finish there are yet more mature Grape Vines attached to the wire between the stone pillars of each section of That part of the farm .... Then it is completely Olive trees on both sides, all the down to the youngest Grape Vines at the rear gates exit .... Adjacent to that is a final field, which is the full length of the entire farm and is lined on 1 side with several fruit trees, rounded off by plum trees and leading up to orange and tangerine trees, which can also be found lining 1 of the aforementioned 4 sections of land .... This leads up to peach trees and a bed of grape vines and rounds off the whole experience .... the farm has a balance of everything the discerning purchaser could wish for .... Although other farms around the area will work in short bursts quietly most days, in The evening there is not a sound and you are completely isolated in paradisaical bliss .... Moreover, if you want access to local shops, amenities, health services and transport etc, it is a mere 10 - 15 minutes walk away, along a car friendly road .... So you have isolation, whilst still being able to get access to anything the farm does not supply .... although you will find the farm is capable of producing all your food needs .... Moreover, You have Penamacor 12 Km away and Castelo Branco 42 Km in the other direction, with several other large houses dotted around which provide everything you can think of .... Furthermore there is the option of renting out property to the Boom Festival, which is in Idaho A Nova .... You will also find several festivals throughout the year which are convenient to get to .... The whole area is very peaceful, with everything you would expect from a city, with the unparalleled luxury of the kind of isolation which is priceless .... For example, in Britain, it would cost you around 10 times more for what this Farm offers, the climate allows for more than 1 harvest per season and with some vegetables up to 4 harvests. The farm is ideal for any vision you have from holidaying to animal husbandry, self sufficiency, renting, large or small scale farming, the sky is the limit .... the view of this farm, once seen never forgotten and as all the people of Pedrogao will tell you, You Never tire of what nature offers in this unique and charming locale.
Dream Farm for Sale, (Penamacor) Huvudfoto

Mansion nära Lissabon och Spanien

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rua central, Mata, Castelo Branco, Portugal Superb radhus (täckta 500m2) med tvåhundraåriga charmen-sten, antika trägolv, stora rum, fönster överallt med fin utsikt. Öppen spis, balkonger och terrasser, gamla dörrar och tak. Stort parti med fruktodlingar, olivträd, gamla vinkällare / olivolja, får, till mejeri, stall och hus återställning i trädgården. Fullt väggar, i hjärtat av byn, bredvid fontänen i centrum och kaffe. Beläget nära en vacker damm, mellan slätter och berg. I gott skick-A måste se.
Mansion nära Lissabon och Spanien
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