General conditions

Gabinohome is a web site that advertises the availability of property for rent, sell or exchange by private owners over the Internet.

Gabinohome excludes itself from all liability between owner and client from services of renting out property.

Gabinohome is only responsible for publishing information concerning the property on its site provided by the owner of the holiday accommodations.

Liability Exemption

The information appearing in this website has been provided and introduced directly by its users, so the possible mistakes or truthsfullness of this information are responsibility of the person who has intruduced them. In any case, if you detect any error on this information, please inform us for the solution of the problem.

Gabinohome is an advertisements web page, it is not a middleman; if you require information about an advertisement, contact the email that appears in the advertisement.

By using you agree that is a website ad, which can not be held responsible for any agreement or business to which you can get with people or companies that advertise on this website

Gabinohome is not accountable for the content published in the Ad. However, if the content or the photograph included in the Ad jeopardizes the companie's image and that of its clients all rights are reserved to refuse publishing the information concerning the accommodations, or withdraw the material from the site immediately.

The owner of the advertised property, authorizes Gabinohome to display one to seven photos of the property on the Internet for an unlimited time in sections of the Gabinohome site it finds convenient.

The owner is accountable for the descriptions provided of the advertised property and is responsible for updating the ad regularly.

  1. General terms and conditions for the purchase of the Ad and its acceptance

    The following General Terms and Conditions regulate acquisition, through the website,, hereafter accepted by marking the box that corresponds to the General Terms and Conditions.
    The identification details of the entity responsible for Gabinohome are the following:

    Registered with the Mercantile Registrar of Malaga
    in order to incorporate the Ad, it is necessary that the Owner registers himself on the Gabinohome site when in the process of inserting the Ad, and accepts Gabinohome´s General Terms and Conditions. The agreement to the General Terms and Conditions expresses full and complete acceptance of them. In case the Owner is not in agreement with the Terms and Conditions, he should not continue.
    As a Client, you prove to be of age and of legal capacity, enough to agree to the General Terms and Conditions of purchase when dealing with GABINOHOME. Nevertheless, the aforementioned, you agree, clearly and without any reservation, the access to and use of the site will solely and exclusively be your responsibility. GABINOHOME reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any moment and without previous notice, the format and configuration of the site, as well as suspend access to the site for a temporary or definite period of time.
  2. Invoicing and forms of payment

    Payments can be made
    1. with the following credit cards and transferences:
      American Express
      4 B Cards
    2. Through the following banking transference, account number:
    3. Paypal or Worldpay

    When the Ad has been inserted, the Client will be charged for the advertisement.
  3. Confidentiality and security

    GABINOHOME SL preserves a policy that keeps its Clients´ information strictly confidential, and promises to protect all information of a personal nature. The confidentiality of this information extends from the moment it is provided and used on the site.
    Along these lines, GABINOHOME SL guarantees, in accordance to the terms established in the Standard Law 15/1999, of December 13, The Protection of Personal Information (LOPD), to treat information of a personal nature as confidential. Similar to that stored in the server, the necessary measures will be taken to avoid unauthorized third parties from accessing it.
    So to that affect, GABINOHOME SL guarantees to have adopted the technological and organizational measures of security already installed in its systems and files. In accordance to the established Royal Decree 994/1999, June 11, approves the security measures applicable to Automatic files that store information of personal nature and the continued development of its norms. Nevertheless, GABINOHOME SL will provide the proper public authorities all information of personal nature and any other information it has stored in its computer system, when required by law to provide it to a third party.
    In compliance to the aforementioned of the (LOPD), The Protection of Personal Information, the Client will receive a detailed report of how his personal information is used, by way of a registration form for Users, that should be filled out in order to buy advertisement space on the site, and with the Clients complete agreement of it.
  4. Confirmation of contract agreement

    GABINOHOME SL will send, once the Gabinohome General Terms and Conditions have been agreed to, a confirmation of the contract agreement vía email.
  5. Force Majeure
    The General Terms and Conditions will be understood through force majeure, a declared title but not limited, (1) all events not at fault and impossible to foresee, or foreseen, but unavoidable, (2) failure to access any of the web pages from the advertisement site, (3) electric or telephone failure, (4) damage incurred by a third party or an attack to the sites´ server (virus), which would affect the quality of the service and would not be attributed to GABINOHOME , nor the Client, (5) failures in the transfer, circulation, storing or sending a third party Products and other contents of the site, (6) problems or errors in receiving, obtaining or accessing the site by third parties, (7) fires, (8) flooding or earthquakes, (9) strikes or labor conflicts or other social disorders that disrupt the flow of services, (10) the minimal or unavailability of energy or electricity, (11) accidents, (12) war conflicts, (13) business takeovers or anything similar, (14) blockades, (15) disturbances, (16) or any reasons declared by the government.
  6. Through the application of the law and jurisdiction

    The Spanish law will govern this agreement.
    Any dispute in question derived from the existence, access, use, or content of the Agreement, Client and GABINOHOME SL alike, with a clear renunciation to whom it corresponds, sumit to the city of Malaga , exclusive court jurisdiction. The Client´s acceptance of the agreement is a necessary condition and obligation in order to benefit from the on-line ADVERTISEMENT services. Liable to his affirmation, the Client declares to have completely read the agreement, the General Conditions of Access and Use of the site, and agrees to them.
    GABINOHOME SL is at the service of all Users to improve the content and services of its on-line advertisement site. If you have any suggestions or comments, do not hesitate in contacting our Gabinohome Customer Service Center vía e-mail address.
  7. The privacy and protection of information of personal nature by GABINOHOME SL.
    The protection of your personal information is one of GABINOHOME´s concerns when it comes to Owners and Clients. Along these lines, GABINOHOME SL guarantees, in accordance to the terms established in the Standard Law 15/1999, of December 13, The Protection of Pesonal Information (LOPD), and informs you that with filling out of the registration form, your acceptance of it, and clicking the "Accept" button, your personal information will be incorporated into and stored on to our files, property of GABINOHOME , which through legal standards, herein liable for.
    The Partner should completely fill-out the registration form. If not, on the other hand, GABINOHOME SL will not lend its services offered on the site. The Owner affirms that all the information that is used to access this site and during its use maintain true, complete and precise, as well as promises to be kept updated.
    GABINOHOME SL would like to inform you that the acceptance of your personal information produces the following objectives: (1) to lend out services to those whom will have access to our site; (2) to sales and publicity staff, like that of ADVERTISEMENT services, offers, promotions, and any other type of publicity; (3) for surveys, statistics and market analysis, and (4) to elaborate on the Owners profile with the objective of personalizing them and improving our services. .
    Regarding this last point, GABINOHOME SL notifies that our server will be able to send your computer a file (called cookie) that allows us to know more about you as a user and this way, in your interest, to improve and personalise the information that is sent to you through our site in the future. Nevertheless, you will be able to configure your computer so that installation of the mentioned cookies is rejected.
    The Owner will have the right to access, rectify, cancel and refuse his information of personal details, outlined in LOPD, by mail or . In accordance to LOPD, the Owner authorizes GABINOHOME SL to use his personal information and provide it to all entities and suppliers GABINOHOME SL establishes business agreements with and with the understanding that it would be exclusively used for the implementation of services and business means that are contracted. The Partner equally gives his consent to send his information to destinations, and based on the terms and conditions aforementioned, to any country around the world, however, if there is no level of protection equivalent to the LOPD, this authorization is revoked without negative consequences.

    Gabinohome SL