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Aysen, Coyhaique, Coihaique, Chile Carretera Austral Chile Welcome to a new undiscovered paradise . Land for Sale in Sector Rio Picacho , Mañihuales Commune Austral Aysen road , walked gravel , with access to front of the field where you have to cross a Rio Picacho , one of the boundaries of the property , it has an area of ​​714 hectares. Associated Forest Expects coastal climate with Coigue , Mañio , Tepa , Ciruelollos , luma , and others, otherwise a Secor with small cypress forest . Today it looks for livestock , forests have never been exploited. From Coyhaique , capital of the Region one takes about 90 minutes.The Rio Picacho has good conditions for fishing , also close to two lakes and Rusbell Cup. Price 1,500,000 USD Contact phone +56973586402 Contact phone +56989189019
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