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Boquete Canyon Village home
  • 315.000 US$
  • 3 habitaciones
  • 3 baños
Caldera, Chiriqui, Panama, Chiriqui
Boquete Canyon Village home. This Boquete Canyon Village home is located in Caldera, Chiriqui, Panama. This two bedroom two bathroom house is situated in Boquete Canyon Village gated community between Boquete and Caldera. It has an open kitchen-living room concept with an open office area, a carport, and an attached garage. There is an amazing pergola built by two artist-builders, which covers the back terrace, so that you have filtered light and shade all day. The house is equipped with a new 2000 liter reserve water tank, UV filtering system, new Invert-er air conditioners, double door fridge/freezer, dishwasher, electric stove, new microwave/hood, washer and dryer. All the furniture and decoration are included in the price. The house is turn-key and ready to move into. With the Talamarca Mountain range to the east, Volcan Baru to the north and the Chiriqui coastline to the south, Boquete Canyon Village enjoys spectacular views of some of Panama’s most breathtaking scenery. The design of our master planned community means each home site is perfectly located to take advantage of the natural beauty of our surroundings. The community amenities include a spacious clubhouse with an elegantly designed lounge, a coffee shop featuring Boquete’s finest gourmet blends, a fully equipped fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool, large social area and landscaped walking and biking trails. Because we’re just about 2,000 feet (610 meters) above sea level, the climate is mild with warm days (averaging in the low 80’s F or 28 C) and very comfortable evenings. Just a short 20-minute drive from the provincial capital of David, Boquete Canyon Village enjoys all the charms of simple country living but is conveniently close to major shopping centers, quality health care and the area’s domestic airport. Living in a master plan community means that all the comforts that you are used to are already here. Boquete Canyon Village maintains its own water and power systems, roads, common areas and has professionally staffed 24-hour gated security. Bocquette Canyon Village $315,000
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Panama Chiriqui, Boquete, Tierras Altas
  • 1.200.000 US$
  • 50000 m²
Boquete Via Principal, Chiriqui
Panama Chiriqui, Boquete, Tierras Altas. Panama, Chiriqui, Boquete, tierras altas, clima frio, excelente temperatura, 5 hectareas de terreno ideal para Proyecto Turisticos (hotel, hostal, centro de compras. Boquete es una de las zonas mas atractivas y bellas de la ciudad de Panama, excelente temperatura, caracterizada por zona cafetera de exportacion, muy bella vegetacion, Feria de las Flores una vez al año, habitado en gran porcentaje por ciudadanos extranjeros, en su mayoria europeos y norteamericanos por el buen clima que ofrece, tranquilidad, seguridad, flora y vegetacion inigualables. Adjunto Avaluo en Ingles Meeting request that made us ????., so performing diligence of legal research, inspection and appraisal of farms, with the specific purpose of determining its commercial value in the real estate market of the District of Boquete, Chiriquí province. To this date, we introduce the following report: data of the register public property No. _____ roll: ------ document: --- registered Area: 5 searched. + 0170.000m 2 Area found in field: 4 ever. + 7856.15 m 2 (see drawings) farms on behalf of _______. Free of liens, except for the restrictions of the law. Located in the District of Boquete, Boquete district section of the property of the province of Chiriqui. Location: Finca which is divided into two lots, one 4 ever. + 1, 986.46 m 2 and the other measuring 5, 869.69 m 2, both lots are one against the other, road of by means located within the ejidos of the village,Boquete from David. Block A = 5, 869.69 m 2, located to the left of the road. The lot B = 4 ever. + 1, 986.46 m 2 in the right. Originally the estate consisted of a single globe of Earth, the road that arrives at gap, cut it in two, registering lower in the total area of the farm. The two lots of land, limited in their side with paved roads, which makes access direct to each front is it Via David - Boquete, or Central Avenue, at the back Via Porras and the "a" Avenue West and streets without name. Block A, has a front with Central Avenue of 118. 89mts. linear and lot B, has 187. 64mts. linear front Central Avenue. Lot of 4 ever. + 1986.46 m 2 is 30 metres from the next terminal buses and sports gym Municipal, as well as a fuel pump, also the environment presents guesthouses and restaurants, 600 metres the Hotel founders is located. Utility IDAAN, Edemet Edechi, Cable & Wireless, paved streets, lighting on streets etc. serve the estate. Physical description: The two lots of land are wasteland, covered with low brush and trees of all kinds of wood, which makes years which are not felled. Its shape is irregular and its perimeter is fenced in 4 strings of barbed wire, held in poles and trees. A lot of 5,869.69, is located at street level and has a gradient of natural drainage towards the front or the main avenue. The batch B of 4 ever. + 1, 986.46 m 2, has a drop with the main street of approximately 3 meters and its drainage gradient is going back where there are streams that help to drain the land. They possess a preferably flat topography, on a ground of clay Frank type, black color. The two lots are bordered by streets asphalted in 75% of its perimeter. Appraisal values: in gap has been paid an average of $600.00 m2 of land, close to the Centre, which is the more commercial area. A little more remote areas are $400.00 m 2 of land for construction. Feature close to the town centre shopping area, the location of the lots and the surface of each one, consider an appraisal of value: lot A 5,869.69 m $350.00 2 m 2 = $ 2,054,391.50 lot 41,986.46 B $250.00 m 2 m 2 = $10,496,615.00 Area = 47,856.15 m 2 appraised value = $12,551,006.50 average m2 value = Total value = $12,551,006.50 = $262.27 m 2 Area Total $47,856.15 m 2 Hereby we declare that we have personally performed the inspection of the property detailed above which adjusted to the actual values that the land and improvements were found in it have at the time of this appraisal. Also I noted that we have not omitted any detail deliberately and that the choice of us as Appraisers has not influenced to set the amount of this appraisal.
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