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Apartamento en Thermal street, Bük-Spa ( Bük - fürdőtelep )

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Thermal street, Bük-Spa ( Bük - fürdőtelep ), Vas, Hungría Spa of Bük:Medicinal Spa of Bük has become one of the best-known and most popular medical spas in Europe. Nowadays it is the second largest spa of Hungary offering each generation perfect recreation. The spa located on 14 hectares is a real spa complex looking forward to your visit with 27 pools and a water surface of more than 5100 m2.Our medicinal water pools contain 32-38 °C warm, the swimming pools contain 26-28 °C warm water, and little ones are awaited with paddling pools that are to be used by them only, where they can be splashing about among safe circumstances. The slide complex free of charge leaves you with an experience never to be forgotten.
Apartamentos en Alquiler en Vas, 1 anuncios de Apartamentos en Vas de particulares y agencias inmobiliarias (Hungría).



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