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Casa de playa en Asia del Mar, Lima - Perú

2.080 $/semana
  • 4 habitaciones
  • 4 baños
  • 120
Panamericana Sur Kilómetro 108, playa Sarapampa, Asia, Cañete, Perú Casa de Playa en el Condominio Asia del Mar, Playa Sarapampa, Panamericana Sur, a seis minutos del Boulevard Asia, a 107 kilómetros al sur de la capital del Perú, Lima. Ubicada cerca al club house y a 80 metros del mar. Distribución: 1er. Piso: Terraza exterior amoblada techada con estructura de madera y cobertura de caña, sala, comedor, TV pantalla plana 42”, Cocina equipada, Baño de visita, área interior con lavandería y tendal, un dormitorio con cama-camarote y baño incorporado. 2do. Piso: Dormitorio principal con cama king y walking closet, baño incorporado, TV pantalla plana 38". Dos dormitorios adicionales, ambos con 2 cama-camarotes (la capacidad de cada dormitorio es de cuatro personas) Ambos comparten un baño. 3er. Piso: Terraza con toldo con vista al mar, debidamente iluminada con reflectores, área de parrilla, lavadero, comedor, asientos para doce personas. Casa totalmente equipada con artefactos, menaje y cable. La casa cuenta con amplias ventanas que permiten una adecuada ventilación e iluminación. El club house del Condominio al que tendrán libre acceso cuenta con sala de juegos, 01 piscina para adultos, 01 piscina para niños, 01 cancha de futbol, 02 canchas de tenis, restaurante (incluye el servicio de atención del restaurant en la zona de sombrilla en playa), mini market (incluye el servicio de atención del mini market a casa), 02 estacionamientos para la casa y 01 estacionamiento para visitas (de acuerdo a disponibilidad), tópico y juegos para niños. Adicionalmente tendrán un espacio reservado en la arena (playa) para su uso exclusivo. Este espacio cuenta con sombrilla y mesa de madera que está asignado permanentemente a la casa. El costo del alquiler no incluye: traslados aeropuerto - casa - aeropuerto. No incluye servicio de limpieza en casa. Si desea una persona de servicio para atención (limpieza, lavado, cocina y atención) el costo es de US$ 200.00 dólares semanales. El transporte del aeropuerto - casa – aeropuerto tiene un costo adicional de US$ 300 dólares.
Casa de playa en Asia del Mar, Lima - Perú Foto principal

Casa de Playa para vacaciones en Lima, Perú

1.040 $/semana
  • 4 habitaciones
  • 4 baños
  • 120
Kilómetro 108 Panamericana Sur, Asia, Cañete, Perú Beach house in the Asia Condo del Mar, Playa Sarapampa, American South, with six minutes to Asia Boulevard, 107 kilometers south of the capital of Peru, Lima. Located near the club house and 80 meters from the sea. Distribution: 1st floor: Outdoor terrace with a roof made of cane and wood, living room with a flat screen TV (42 inches), fully equipped kitchen, guest bathroom, laundry area with an indoor clothes rack, and bedroom with a twin bunk bed. 2nd floor: Master bedroom with a King-sized bed, walk-in closet, private bathroom and a flat screen TV (38 inches). Two additional bedrooms with two twin bunk beds each (each has a bedding capacity of 4 people), both share a bathroom. 3rd floor: Upper terrace covered by an awning with a beautiful sea view, well lit by spotlights, barbecue area, and a dining table for twelve people. House fully equipped, fully furnished and has cable. It has windows that allow adequate ventilation and lighting. The condominium’s club house, to which you will have free access, has a game room, 01 adult pool, 01 children’s pool, 01 soccer field, 02 tennis courts, a restaurant (includes the restaurant’s delivery service to the house and to the beach), a mini market (includes delivery service to the house), 02 parking spaces for the house’s residents and 01 parking space for guests (according to availability), infirmary, and a children’s playground. There also is a reserved space on the sand (in the beach) for exclusive use. This space has an umbrella and a wooden table and is permanently assigned to the house residents. The condo has security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Price: High Season (From December 15th, to April 15th) US$ 4,030 per week Mid season (from October 15th to December 15th) US$ 3,445 per week Low Season (From April 15th to October 15th) US$ 2,145 per week The rental cost does not include: airport - home - airport. Does not include house cleaning service. For a service person to care (cleaning, washing, cooking and care) the cost is US$ 200.00 per week. Transportation from the airport - home - airport has an additional cost of US$ 300.00 Sarapampa is a wonderful combination of nature and culture. Located just one driving hour away from the capital city of Lima, and connected to it by a modern highway; this portion of coast stretches throughout 3 and a half miles where the senses surrender to the landscapes’ peaceful beauty or yield to the passion for adventure and discovery. In this seaside corner we find Asia del Mar, a condominium with waterfront homes where the visitor will be able to stay in a safe and comfortable environment in which he may enjoy a great time with his family or friends. It has a boardwalk ideal for exercising under dawn’s gentle breeze, a soccer field, several tennis, basketball and fronton (Peruvian sport) courts and a common area with pools, restaurants, table tennis and billiards. The house has three fully furnished floors. In the first one there is a wide space for the living and dining rooms, it also has a kitchen, a bathroom for guests, a laundry room and a bedroom with its private bathroom. Outside, the terrace is perfect for relaxing or reading time after lunch. On the second floor, the main bedroom is notable for its great ocean views and also has a private bathroom. The two remaining bedrooms are able to bed eight people if necessary. The third floor is a single social lounge protected by an awning, perfect for spending a good time grilling with the loved ones. If seashore walking under a peaceful crimson sunset after a day spent in the beach is not enough, option list is quite large. For surfers, along the southern coastline we’ve got nearby beaches famous because of the quality of its waves, including San Bartolo, which has hosted a WQS round. Within a few minutes we will also find Lunahuana, district’s tourist capital, ideal for canoeing, mountain biking, paragliding and any other activity needed to raise adventurous visitor’s adrenaline. Their shrimp and wine are the perfect complement to a day full of excitement. On the other hand, some good opportunities are offered to live small pieces of our enigmatic pre-columbian and colonial history. Just 6 miles away (7 minutes) it is located the architectonic complex called “Huaca Malena”, witness of the heyday of major cultures such as Moche, Nazca, Wari and the Incas, it has been strong evidence supporting the fact that it was used to the practice of sorcery and black magic. It has a museum. A little further, in the valley of Lurin, is the famous oracle of Ichma culture, the complex of Pachacamac, so important that was preserved by the Incas during its empire, but was looted by the Spanish conquerors. Precisely in the capital’s historic center you can visit some Spanish colonial buildings, silent vestiges from a period of conquests, the main square, the cathedral, San Francisco and Santo Domingo convents, among many others. Last but not least, summer nights get turned on just six and a half miles away from Sarapampa. During the day, on the Boulevard of Asia you can go eat at the best Peruvian restaurants, there are supermarkets and any kind of stores. But when the sun sets, party, music and fun are installed and last until dawn. There is no excuse for not having a great time here. The supply of discos, bars, and nightclubs unleashes madness among visitors of all ages, squeezing the body’s resistance to a good night of peruvian juerga. Strongly recommended Sarapampa is located 1 hour from Jorge Chavez International Airport and an hour plane ride to the imperial city of Cusco, where the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu Inca citadel that identifies the Peru and wonder of the world.
Casa de Playa para vacaciones en Lima, Perú Foto principal

Linda casa de Playa en Puerto Fiel, Cañete - Lima

2.100 $/mes
  • 5 habitaciones
  • 3 baños
  • 160
La Quebrada de Puerto Fiel, Puerto Fiel, Cañete, Perú Casa completamente amoblada, iluminada. 2 Terrazas con vista al mar, 2 pisos, garaje cerrado para 2 carros, 4 habitaciones mas cuarto y baño de servicio. Patio interior y zona de lavandería. Piscina en 1er piso. Cocina a gas, microondas, refrigeradra, menaje completo, etc., a quince minutos del boulevard de Asia.
Linda casa de Playa en Puerto Fiel, Cañete - Lima Foto principal
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