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rent 2 / 4 - Coimbra

250/month Rua Dr. Bernardo de Albuquerque, Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal Close to Hospitals and Children of HUC, Inst. Top of Onclogia and Miguel Torga, School of Nursing, Polo III (Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy), across the street from the School of Economics. Transport with stops at the entrance to Polo I and Republic Square, Student Union, Teatro Gil Vicente and the cafe terrace Cartola. Airy rooms with light. Large well equipped kitchen, laundry and sunroom, balcony and access to garden. Comfortable lounge with TV. cable, great living and study space, internet Wirles. Good atmosphere and quiet. By: Supermarkets, Bakeries / Confectioneries, pharmacies, banks and Zone Cells with Commercial Centers, Restaurants and Cafes.
rent 2 / 4 - Coimbra


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