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Hala magazine plant premises house 550 m2 Zielonka

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Brzozowa, Zielonka, Warsaw, Poland Buy building, apartments, offices, meeting pow. 550m2 on a plot of 550 m2 in the center of the street Zielonka: Birch near Route 634 and Warsaw building consists of several rooms and two pow.105,00 m2 with a height of 3.60 meters and a floor plan as 105.00 m2 and a height of 2.20 m today, some areas are suitable for duplex apartment and scolding. Woman On the first level is the living room of 26m2 + 6m2 kitchen, bathroom 6m2 and 10m2. The second level is a living room 28 m2 + 10m2 + bathroom + 4m2 6m2. Other 150m2 are offices, service areas, health and communication. Power of 15 KW of power Escalera, offices, bathrooms, tiles More photos and shots can be sent via email.
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Offices and premises of the Social Łomianki 100 m. From CH A

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Łomianki ul.brukowa 14, Łomianki, Warsaw, Poland Witam.Oferuję to rent a two-storey with biurami.Możliwość rent one level-the level of the lower hall + office + 3300 zł social rooms. Premises after renovation, bathroom, 2 sectional doors, tiles and terracotta, separate entrance, hall outflow of water, the ability to prztsposobienia premises to the needs of the tenant, to determine the price-negotiable. Address: Łomianki ul. Cobblestones 14 (200 meters from CH.AUCHAN Lomianki.
Offices and premises of the Social Łomianki 100 m. From CH A

Rent a country house wedding banquet hall office

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Kąty Węgierskie, Legionowo, Warsaw, Poland Hello! I present manor / wedding house for rent. Without intermediaries. Issue a VAT invoice. The Manor is tastefully and elegantly decorated. It has a beautiful staircase and nicely finished interior. Manor can serve as a wedding hall, office, gym, conference room. The owner can adapt it to each function. The building is a two-story, completely new. Built in 2004 but hardly used (in one room was just a shop), and now completely finished. Within a month the fence is completed, which will provide privacy. The ground floor has 260 m2 floor area. Floor has 248 m2 floor area. Around the mansion is a square Cobbled area of u200bu200b1000m2. Enough space to park 30 - 40 cars. In addition, around the manor house is 500 m2 of green which is interestingly utilized - shrubs, trees, beautiful views - just put the benches and it will be the perfect place for wedding guests, eg in the building are four ballrooms / conference. It is possible to adapt the rooms for the purposes required by the tenant (for example, inserting a partition). 2 rooms on the ground floor have air-conditioning (each a separate, high performance) are two types of heating - new node heating - gas furnace or oil furnace. In the whole building is located under floor heating that provides the best comfort while providing a reduced expenditure on heating. The entire building is distributed radio. Two rooms upstairs have brought out the connection to the cold and hot water. Rooms also feature at the top of the cables to hook telebimu. At the top there is also room office / computer that can be adapted to manage the building. On the ground floor there are two new bathrooms and kitchen with appliances. Two bathrooms on the top require a slight overhaul. The building is protected. Outside monitoring has been installed which oversees the entire area around the building. Inside is a distributed installation of ready-to-camera connection. Sewage is a very - installed drip. The building has antygromową installation, the installation of electronics, electricity, water, gas. Water is drawn from his own deep well. The building is an indoor tile. Ceilings are made so that you can easily charge them heavy weights. (Eg 80 people dancing, or heavy equipment, the gym is not a problem) Directions to real estate is very good. The Manor is located 2 km from Grabiny and about 5 km from the border of Warsaw. Rent price per month is 15 thousand to negotiate. It can call and negotiate a price! Tel. 605224605
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