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Company which owns 736 ha(1.819 acres) of fish ponds in concession contract for 45 years ( 2007-2052 ) located in the extraordinary Danube Delta that flows into the Black Sea , situated in SE Europe in Romania , with excellent tourism potential but also fisheries and agriculture, looking for investor, developer or associate . We also offer 10% commission if you recommend a potential buyer . Our company has: property contract representing fixed assets such as building hydro dams with a width of 10-20 m and a length of 13 km surround channels and surf fishing of various widths and the same length which in turn sorrounds the reed platform of around 650 hectares. A unique tourism project in Europe which consists in building a tourist all inclusive resort with 1000 beds in floating houses placed directly on fishing and navigation channels would be our proposal for an investor. Fitting entire infrastructure of services for tourists, tour operators promoting international tourism offer, promoting through major travel agencies will lead to an occupancy as high as 6 months in the full season with a large number of happy tourists leading to a fast investment return. Along with the tourism project, can develop simultaneously branches of aquaculture and agriculture . Increasing juvenile fish , growth of rare species of frogs, leeches and industrial crops can make annual revenue reach more than 10 million euros. We sell the company that owns the concession and land ownership at half the valuation of assets due to lack of funds and experience in tourism. More detailsanadanubedeltainvestment736ha.wordpress. com or +4 0748175577.
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Plot of luxury land for sale. This land is located in the region of `Achakar` and her wonderful beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. Near the land we also have the famous Hercules cave and the lighthouse `Cap de Spartel` at a distance of 20 minutes walk. This region of `Achakar` is one of the most beautiful region that combines the mountainous landscape and beautiful beaches that can be covered with fine sand or beautiful sea rock. Ideal for fishing, windsurfing or simply for swimming without forgetting the beautiful sunset. Of course everything is perfectly accessible by roads and small park with benches have been arranged to enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean. My land has a surface of 2712 square meters and is located on the roadside 10 minutes walk from access to the beaches. In the middle of this land is a well of water and therefore access to water is guaranteed without additional development. The land has a rectangular shape with a side facing the ocean without any construction that could obstruct the view while the rear of the land at sight recently build holiday complex to the standards of the region to avoid wasting the landscape and therefore the view. My land has all the necessary documents for a sale and is titled in our name, I would like to insist on it, the title, because a lot of land at lower prices are for sale on the internet but without a title. Someone appropriates land and if after 3 years no one claims it then they put it on sale with the risk that it may have for the buyer and therefore to speed up the sale the price is well below the real price. Mine is titled, 2017 document, and I also have the information note about land dated February 2017. This information note provides information on what can and can not be done on this land, so what can be built or not. My land is of type residential R + 2 thus villa or property of 2 floors maximum and tourist type R + 3 thus complex, ryad or hotel of maximum 3 floors. What more can I say about my land or this region, than there are also near relaxation complexes, luxury SPAs, the palaces of the kings of Morocco, properties of the kings of Saudi Arabia and other people VIP properties. The starting price I ask is 4250 dirhams square meters, negotiable in reasonable proportions if the person is serious and really interested
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