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SALE single project. 28. 330 m2 of land with one

460,000 czeszow, Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland We sell the first phase of a unique project in Poland with 28 330 m2 of land with 13 916 m2, which corresponds to a phase of 72 apartments, 108 underground parking spaces, 105 surface and 16 detached villas and all homes with largest lake views. We have finished the feasibility plan and construction investment data and surfaces, economic table with financial numbers, treasury, pricing tables, tables of profitability, etc. PRESENTATION OF FULL PROJECT "2 lakes" POLAND. 10 PHASES. APPROXIMATELY 130 000 m2 of construction. 20 € / M2 NET IMPACT. The price of the complete M2 urban land of 268 000 m2 is 10 € / net buying whole farm. NET. 50% OF TOTAL PRICE MAY BE PAID AFTER 5 YEARS. Tel: 0048 730298699 PROPERTY SOLD DIRECTLY.
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WŁODOWICE, NOWA RUDA, Wroclaw, Poland NEW REDHEAD Włodowice TOWN: NEW ORE DISTRICT: Klodzki 1/GRUNT INVESTMENT, AGRICULTURAL AND CONSTRUCTION AREA INVESTMENT -180,000 m2, AGRICULTURAL AND CONSTRUCTION located 2 km. From Nowa Ruda. The land consists of adjacent plots of IV VI class with a predominance of V and VI. On one of the parcels is seated holding the address of the property pocztowy.Teren sunny with good access by asphalt MEDIA current on the asphalt road and the adjacent property. Land is not subject to the Local Development Plan, have called GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD which allows for the Municipality decision UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Land równeż perfectly suited for investment in GREEN ENERGY type: SOLAR land which annually receive subsidies from EU funds the amount of about 1000 zł. to 1 ha. Włodowice are located in półn.-west. Parts pow.Kłodzkiego on Czech-Polish border at the foot of table mountain with a beautiful view of the Nowa Ruda in which the Underground Mining Museum, the Museum of Wittig and lookout tower on Mount All Saints, and in the same Włodowice historic church St. Peter Canisius and the chapel of Figurine Our Lady, in the nearby Radków located among mountains and forests lagoon and swimming pool. Due to its location an ideal base Włodowice exit to some of the best located sites in Poland, due to its landscape and recreational and therapeutic and recreational. Such places include: - natural attractions such as waterfall reserve Wilczki, Szczeliniec, vicious rocks, cave bears, etc. - Kudowa Zdr Toy Museum, the Ethnographic Museum in Polanicy Zdr, Museum of the Earth in Kletno etc. - Team Parkowo -Palace in Gorzanowie Palace, Trzebieszowicach, park and palace complex in Jeleniów, The Castle-Palace in Miedzylesiu, Castle Szczytniku etc.-Glassworks in Stronie Sl, Fluorite Adit in Kletno, Gold mine in Zloty Stok, etc. - Moving Crib in Czermna and Wambierzyce., military-historical monuments such as the Fortress Klodzko and labyrinths, the ruins of German armaments factory V-7 in Ludwikowice class, Underground city Osówka - religious monuments such as: Wooden Church in Zalesiu, New Bystrica, Kamieńczyk etc.,-Therapeutic Spa in Polanicy Zdr, Duszniki Zdr, Kudowa Zdr, Dlugopole Zdr, Ladek Zdr,-Aqua Park in Kudowa Zdr, summer toboggan run in Polnicy Zdr, Lake in the Old Morava and Radków - Winter Sports Resorts in Zieleniec, Foothills, Jamrozowa Glade, Sokolec village, the Black Mountain.


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Rynek, Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland Sold the first phase of 28,330 m2 of land with 11,968 M2/PUM built are 13,916 M2, corresponding to a phase of 72 floor, 108 underground parking spaces, 105 surface and 16 individual chalets, identified in Annex plane 2 MW, 3 MW, 2 MN, 4 MN and 11 MN. Fronted the largest lake in the plane identified by 4 WAS and streets identified in the plane for 1 KDW 2 KDW 3 AND 8 KDW KDW. With these data you can see on the plane the FIRST STAGE IS THE BEST WE SELL ALL THE PROJECT. We can stay with the rest of the field, with 2 lakes identified in the plane of 4 WS & 5 WS and tertiary field service and marina with more than 37,000 M2 of construction as identified in the plane for 1 U, 2 U, 3 U, 1 U.S., ZP.

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rynek, Krzyki, Wroclaw, Poland Urban property is sold in Poland only 27 km from Wroclaw. The average impact of the cost of land in the M2 built (ceiling) in Spain in rural environments is between 250 € and 300 € net and cities over 30,000, from 600 € net. It is a farm (urban) full of life, with two lakes of 120,000 M2, swans, ducks, gulls, herons, wild boar, deer, etc., Thousands of fish and surrounded by more than 300 hectares of forest. Linda 1,300 meters on the road. Investments in housing projects, individual houses, office park, shopping center, restaurant, nursery, hotel, wedding halls, nursing homes, youth camps, farm, nursery, equestrian club, sports and leisure activities.
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Sale of plot in Wroclaw (Poland)

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sn, Brzezina, Wroclaw, Poland Buy developable plot of 5 hectares, located in the town of Brzezina, only 3 km from the city of Wroclaw, 15 from the airport. It's a well communicated and parcel with many possibilities. The price of the 5 hectares is 4 € 000 000, with the possibility of buying from 3,000 square meters (100 € per meter). And only 3.5 hours from Berlin and 3 hours from Prague. * Prices do not include VAT For more information, pictures, coordinates, please contact; Mobile 0034 674 529 489 0034 679 532 904
Sale of plot in Wroclaw (Poland)

Attractive plot next to the A4 Highway sale rent

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krzywa, Centrum, Wroclaw, Poland I have a plot for a long time rent or sale, I'm open for cooperation too. Attractive, intensively developing investment area with a total area of 179,274 m2 which is 17,9274 hectares, consisting of three plots (ex airport runway): 1. Plot No. 256/135 area Os?a with an area of 120.0276 m2 (12,0276 ha) in the shape of a rectangle with a lenght of 1215 m and a width 100 m. The surface in 50% (50 m width, 1215 m length) is paved, the rest is a land area. 2. Plot No. 256/144 area Os?a with an area of 3.601 m2 (0,3601 ha) in the shape of a rectangle. Surface is in 100% paved. Makes whole with a plot No. 380. 3. Plot No. 380 area Ró?yniec with an area of 55.297 m2 (5,5397 ha) in the shape of a rectangle. Surface is in 100% paved. Makes whole with a plot No. 256/144. Terrain is located in Lower Silesia (Dolny ?l?sk) next to the A4 Highway, 500 meters from new highroad junction „LSSE Obszar Krzywa, Szczytnica”. In the 3 km distance there's A4 and A18 highways crossroad. Distance from German border is 60 km, 90 km from Wroclaw, 30 km from Legnica, 10 km from Boleslawiec. Access to the plot from A4 Highway with asphalt road. Offered plot borders with Special Economic Zone of city Legnica which includes gas stations like ORLEN and STATOIL and companies such as Hormann, M?ynpol, Atlas, Plasticos Durex, Forest Style, Atlas Copco, Strabag. The area is covered by the current local zoning plan as sites of community Gromadka production facilities, bases, depots and warehouses PBS. The area is armed, ie electricity, telecommunications network, water supply, sewage discharge, the proposed gas network (completed development of a project). With the opening of a new connecting hub w / in the areas of highway A4 significantly increased their attractiveness, causing the influx of many new investors. This place is ideal for a retail chain logistics base type: Ladybug, Lidl, Auchan, OBI, Castorama, Kaufland, Intermarche, also the base for transport companies, warehouses coal, wood, scrap metal, steel, recycling, biogas, solar farms, unmanned service stations, car washes, parking lots, etc. Interested investors are invited for co-operation. Kind Regards Jan Wengrzyn contact: tel. +48 604529320
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