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Vende Farm, With 60 ha, 8 Km of the city Guimarães

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Rua Lugar de Vilarinho, Guimaraes, Braga, Portugal Farm called of Vilarinho, and situated the northeast of city of Guimarães , in the north of Portugal, in the parish of Rendufe, about 8 km of the city of Guimarães. It increases that, the same one, has the following conditions and only characteristics, in this region, to know: 1- With two houses, 1 for restore, in granite header, with area covered total of 1.500m2, in the interior of the related one Farm, each one, it forms a set, with some independent units, some of two floor's, what, allows, a great exploitation of the construction area, with two alpendres c eira, the area, respective of 100 m2 and 50 m2, with farmer and forest land with the 60 ha area, without dispersed parcels, enrolled in the urban matrix under artºs 83 and 84 and in the rustic matrix under artºs 278, 377, 393, 396, 401, 438 and 446. 2 - Excellent localization, leans, plateaus and valley, with a percentage minimal of inclination, sights for the city of Guimarães and Aeolian park of high lands of Fafe, to about 2 km of the BARRAGE of QUEIMADELA, presenting an area that morphologically could be converted into any type of investment - Agricultural Hotel, Agro-industrial, Forest Tourism and others -. 3 - PDM - National Agricultural Reserve, National Ecological Reserve and not conditional forest zone, which, can be affected the construction, taking care of, to the fact of, to point out close to an urban accumulation and collating with the public way. 4 - It exempts of any onus or incumbencies, either of that nature, will be. 5 - Great geologic wealth, water in great amount, of six springs, in the horizontal line, together to the ground, with economic potential, as if can verify of the parameters that consist of the analytic bulletin that if it sends.
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