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  • COL$7,000,000
  • 7000 m²
Pozos Colorados, SANTA MARTA
PARKING LOT GREAT FOR RENT - SANTA MARTA. Magnificent lot of 7,000 m2 (75 feet wide by 93 meters long), completely flat, fully enclosed with a concrete block wall 3 meters high and built with columns of tie every 3 feet. The entire wall is covered on top with concertina security that provides general protection to the property and has a sliding door and sheet iron 10 meters wide to allow passage of heavy vehicles. Includes a two-story building of 140 m2 comprising 3 spacious, 3 bathrooms and covered with Eternit that can be adapted as an office and / or place of residence. This land is suitable for use as parking of heavy vehicles as it is located in a development zone and industrial and commercial expansion adjacent to the station Biomax, located on the alternate route to the port and in front of several carriers of heavy loads . A second batch of 2,300 M2 (75 feet wide by 30 meters long), adjacent to the eastern wall of the parking lot and is also enclosed with the same wall, has a swing gate sheet iron and 10 meters wide, which also allows passage of trucks. You can wash vehicles packaged as heavy as with our own water. In total the two lots have an area of u200bu200b9,300 M2 of land The location is excellent because they are located in the District of Santa Marta, 5 kilometers from the city, 60 meters of the alternative pathway to the Port and 10 blocks of the road dual carriageway Ruta del Sol which communicates with the Simon Bolivar International Airport and also has a pleasant natural environment. Its strategic position is a must for heavy vehicles as it is a purely industrial and commercial area to the capital, the harbor, several large companies such as Ecopetrol and other departmental capitals on the Caribbean coast. It has spectacular views and is an area of u200bu200bcontinued recovery and therefore a wonderful investment opportunity. Address
+57 3003190204