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fully functional homestead

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u955, Puerto Octay, Osorno, Chile Eco Octay - Homestead is born from de wish to get away from the city in a healthy, environment friendly, definitive and sustainable way. After 30 years with no man intervention, it has settled at the field in a firm way, an incredible biodiversity, hardly found in the area. This happens thanks at its geography and the micro systems it provides to several different birds, pants o wet and dry nature, animals, insects, mushrooms, among others. Following an eco-friendly line of work we fertilize the crops with manure from the sheep that are raised in silvopastoralism and with the left overs from the harvesting after working with it on an insuperable compost. It has beautiful different views of the osorno volcano depending in which area you are at, always a different perspective of the volcano and the valley. At summer time the sunsets are gorgeous as it sets through the Woods, at night time the Milky Way is clearly seen, this invites you to a cup of coffee in the terrace hearing the river and night driven anima with a Swiss fire to warm you up for a closure of another nice day. Is impossible for me to describe in words what this is all about, I invite you to take a pick to this photos and hopefully visit us, you will be welcome. I will not only be glad to show you around, but i offer the help for the transition to be smoother as possible, for the new owners and for the animals as well. We hand it over fully functional with all the equipment required, after several tests and mistakes the formula is ok now for things to go smooth as things can be at the homestead. THE HOUSE It is 55m2 with an excellent design of the architect Walter XXXXXXXXXX so it appears bigger to the eye, 2 bedrooms, air draft area before the main door, 14.5m2 wood terrace, garage for 2 large vehicles, large patio. Totally refurbished to meet modern standards. 1 big and 1 small woodshed Wood stove for heating the house + spatula, tranche, scraper and aluminum bucket Washer-dryer Samsung 4 burners gas stove Refrigerator Gas water heater King size bed made of mañío (local fine Wood) with Rosen Style mattress 2 1pz beds (one with Rosen Style mattress) Featherbed covers China for six people Rice cooker Sandwich maker Grill Blender 2 native wood benches 1 native wood and iron center table 2 native wood nightstands 1 table vintage lamp 2 sealing vintage lamps 7 spot light lamps 3 peace wood keep 2 50kg gas cylinders Cooking kitchen supplies 1 1.5pz sofa + several cushions 1 electric stove with humidifier 1 humidifier Ulmo (fine native wood) dining bar for 3 people 1 three compartment book shelve Counter de with Ulmo countertops Cupboard Vintage stile Ulmo bar (portable) THE WORKSHOP It´s 80m to the right of the house, it has natural light, very close to the river, with nice sound and views to work properly. It has water and electricity, easily you can make it into another house, it´s 90m2 with a storage of its own. THE BARN 80m2 wood barn with electricity and movement sensors for security. Management enclosures for easy sheep handling. Feeders and drinking facilities for the sheep. 1 wild life stile security camera 3 exterior paddocks 1 hoof trimmer 1 piercing machine with piercings for identification Various medicines (mainly dewormers and vitamins) 1 wheelbarrow 1 chicken paddock with feeder and drinking facility with capacity for 50 chickens 12 step aluminum stair 4 step wood stair bench stile 2 metal drums 1 elastrator with gums 2 paddocks for winter feed The other barn is 60m2, very simple with nylon roof only for providing shelter to the sheep in heavy rain days. They find it grate for giving birth. It has a paddock for winter feed as well, we also use it for storage of lime, fertilizers, etc. THE RIVER 250m of shore of the Río Blanco, beautiful white water river because of its big flow and slope. Down the river you´ll find salmon ponds. This is pure thaw water from the Osorno volcano / glacier. The possibility of having a great beach is there, it´s needed to clean the debris and logs. THE WATERHOLES There are four waterholes that are born in the perimeter crossing it getting to the river within it; this is important since it allows you full management of it. Of them you will not only find pure water filtered by nature, but also enough shrimp to treat yourself once in a while. They come together in the lower part of the field to form a stream that has water all year round. The sheep drink from it, which frees you from the need to supply them with water at the shed. The water rights of the main stream are acquired with a flow of 5lt per second, which ensures the legal use of water for domestic and commercial purposes, this right is in perpetuity. THE ANIMALS 1 Poll Dorset ram 21 sheep (Texcel, Poll Dorset and Chilota breeds). These are in full reproductive age obtaining an index of 1.5 per animal. This translates to 30+ lambs per year. With these you have guaranteed the meat quota for the year, making it possible to barter with the neighbors for beef, milk, vegetables or others available so you can expand the diet. 2 creole goats that keep the field free of bush/undergrowth, they reproduce very quickly and are tasty. The neighbor lends his male goat to cover them, because if you have one, you will fill up with goats very quickly. 5 laying hens, depends on the type of feeding you give them and the daylight hours at which you expose them, you will get more or less eggs. In summary they are the best eggs you will have tried, ever. All super protected with a new 8 strand Ursus Sheep Perimeter Fence + 2 strands of barbed wire. THE PRAIRIE There is approximately 6ha clean for grazing, 3ha together at the higher part of the field that can be used to plant any type of food or directly increase the number of sheep and obtain more lambs for sale. The rest of the field is a renewable forest of 40+ years in which Silvopastoralism is practiced. Little by little we are thinning it, so the light gets better to the ground, and in this thinning process the trees acquire a more robust trunk. This is a constant process that may or may not continue. It depends of what you want to acquire really. THE ROADS The field is 1km from the main road and is accessed by a local gravel road, which is used by the 5 families in this community, including Eco Octay. This road is maintained by the municipality at regular intervals of 3-6 months depending on its state, the neighbors contribute to the gravel and fuel for the machines. Inside the Homestead we have: 360m of gravel road suitable for any kind of vehicle Maneuvering yard in front of the main house and the barn THE TOOLS They are in perfect condition 2 shovels 1 pillory 1 ratchet 1 Stihl hole digger (old but working) 1 Stihl 170 chainsaw with key, spare chain, oil and benzene containers (maintenance ok). 1 large German brand hand axe. Many meters of nylon that cover firewood and compost. 1 Honda Foreman 500 ATV in perfect condition + trolley + fuel drums (only aesthetic details). 1 80lt XXXX model XXXXX sprayer for the ATV + pump and sprinkler arm. THE COMPANY It was created in 2016 initially to provide minor construction services; in 2020 the area is expanded to provide Agricultural and Livestock services. In these years he has accumulated a tax of approximately 2 million chilean pesos. The company is free of any debt or impediment to operate inside and outside the country. Being a SPA (joint stock company) it is easily transferable and very cheap since the only partners are my wife and me. THE SOIL It is a very rich black SOIL that has up to 3mT of agriculturally exploitable layer; leafy soil present throughout the forest area with pom pom. What denotes the purity of it. The 13.5h do not contemplate any type of slope. For this reason, and despite the fact that there is no topographic study of levels, it is clearly seen when walking through it that the surface is significantly larger, but I would not dare say how much more. According to a surveyor friend of mine, it can be between 15% and 30%. THE SOWING GROWNDS There are 3 closed hectares with new every animal proof mesh , 0.5ha planted with berries (strawberry, blackberry, blueberry and raspberry + 150 trays for picking berries + trolley + working tables) The rest are planted with vegetables on a rotational basis, such as potatoes, carrots, fodder turnips and pasture for sheep. THE BIODIVERSITY You will find an impressive variety of birds such as Hummingbirds, Bandurrias, Pigeons, Torcos, Tiuques, Traros many colored birds that nobody knows their name…at least we don´t…, woodpeckers, swallows and finally the most famous, the Chucao that live near the waterholes and the river. You can see, especially at sunset, the foxes that go out to hunt the hares that are mainly in the upper part of the field or some unfortunate hen from the neighbor who did not protect it as he should. Wild mushroom of different kinds as Paris, Amanita muscaria, Forest milcao, Change among others are present in the summer time especially in rotten trunks and on the river bank. Fruit trees of native apple, cherry, and berries trees such as michay, calafate, and murra are found throughout the field as you walk through it, either to find them, to stroll, to maintain the fence, or to look for a sheep that has strayed from the herd. The native forest is of Arrayanes, Ulmo and Notro in its majority, also Maitenes, Silver leaf Alamo, Chirimoyo Chino, Coigüe among others. ACCESSIBILITY First of all you will find excellent access and security in general at Chile. The field is located 1:30 hours Puerto Varas or Osorno (medium to big cities) and half an hour from Cascadas or Puerto Octay (small cities). This puts you in an unbeatable position of accessibility. EcoOctay is 10km away from the track that borders the lake on a gravel road in good condition that the municipality maintains permanently. The Chapuco river bridge will connect the sector (Río Blanco-Coihueco) with Ralún, creating an important turist corridor in the short term. The asphalt that will link the lake route with the field will arrive in approximately in 2 years, this may change according to the progress of the neighborhood council. EXTRA STORAGE NEAR THE HOUSE 4m2 storage with a brand new 300lt Mademsa freezer, Jerry cans of gasoline and diesel for the different activities of the field, and why not, a little fuel for your vehicle is not superfluous, thinking that the nearest service station is half an hour away. WATER FOR THE CROPS 300,000lt cistern OTHER GOODNESSES OF THE FIELD ENTEL excellent telephone and internet signal. Firewood available only from naturally fallen trees and logs carried by the river. The house uses 15m3 of firewood a year for heating. Chilean Post Office 3 minutes away. Grocery business 3 minutes away. Horseback riding available with one of the neighbors. Neighbors of middle and advanced ages, very calm and collaborative. In the months of July and August there is usually enough snow to have fun with it on the slopes. Moss present throughout the field that reflects the purity of the air and soil. Light and water installed for the construction of cabins if desired. Water storage system with capacity for 04 houses. PD I apologize of my English, hope its descriptive enough for you to you get the big picture of EcoOctay Homestead.
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Land of approximately 97 hectares in Puerto Montt

1,940,00020,000 9600%
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Rio Puelo, ensenada, Puerto Montt, Chile The property is located on the road from Puerto Montt to El Bolson (at LLanada Grande). In the countryside are a house, shed and various outbuildings. Electricity is gained by a hydroelectric power plant and the existing 3 brooks is registered on a water law. The large tree population consists of cherry, apple, walnut, chestnut trees. There are also avillanas whose nuts are sold well. Part of the property is fenced. Price after negotiation
Land of approximately 97 hectares in Puerto Montt Main photo

Plot with Mediterranean type house La Cruz Chile

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Pocochay, La Cruz, Valparaiso, Valparaiso, Chile The plot is 4325m2. If you want to invest is the opportunity, in a spacious plot with house of 310 m2 in Mediterranean style of two floors, located in condominium in the beautiful city La Cruz, sector Pocochay. This beautiful house is located in an exceptional place. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a large kitchen with excellent finishes furniture. The house is of solid structure; Porcelain floors, windows with thermopanel. With chimney. Parking for 12 vehicles. Raulí doors and furniture. Ladder built in oak. With chimney. It has a large land for planting. 5 minutes from the Plaza de La Cruz. In condominium with a beautiful avenue. Concierge and security 24 hrs. 4325 m2, 310 square meters built The value plus brokerage fees, 2% of the value of the property.
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Beautiful land in the south of Chile, with sea views, you should see it

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Piedra Azul, Puerto montt, Puerto Montt, Chile It is now possible to get a cheap plot on beautiful South Chile! The plot is well located short distance to the cafe, the town of Puerto Montt, gas station, landa, nature reserves, the sea, activities and restaurants. The plot is located in a new and attractive residential area without through traffic. Some of the world's most beautiful mountains are in the immediate vicinity. Good hiking opportunities for mountains and sea.
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For sale plot in Chicureo sector, Colina, Chile

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Condominio los Ciruelos, ALTO EL MANZANO, Colina, Chile For sale a land 5100 m2, with 375 m2 built, American style house, wooden structure, with pigo oregon beams, has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, large kitchen for daily dining room, laundry room with facilities, pantry room, living room dining room with fireplace, second floor with living room, terreza overlooking the entire plot in the 2nd, pool, large green areas with variety of trees, parking with cellar and electric gate. The condominium has large green areas with playgrounds, lush trees that produce pleasant shade to have a pleasant afternoon and high security 24 hours a week, this is reflected in that throughout the history of the condominium (4 decades) never He has suffered a robbery. Plot number 79
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Buy land in Chiloé, 250m river inside

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Ancud, Chiloé, chiloé, Puerto Montt, Chile Buy beautiful terrain in Ancud, Chiloé. A dream location in the heart of the island of Chiloe. The space has an area of ​​2 ha. native forest and meadows. It has 250 m. a stream of pure water flowing through snaking inside the site. It is located 40 km. Ancud center and 70 km. de Castro. It is 150 meters of a light and water, 1000 m. Vilcún.Está the Black rivers and surrounded by springs and biodiversity, ideal for sustainable tourism project.
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Property For Sale In Northern Chile Asking Price

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Iquique, Iquique, Chile Located between Iquique and Arica, Departament of Tarapacá, 1 hour from Aerport Iquique Connection to Highways: 5 Panamericana A-40 A-45 A-422 and 28 km. From the port of Pisagua, in the Huara First Region of Tarapacá. Watch this video: Description Of the Property Land extends to 1,311 hectares containing 24 natural water soucers. The land begins in the Quebrada of Tiliviche and stretches 14 km to the port of Pisagua and runs between two parallel ranges of hills about 2,5 km. to 3 km. wide with the agricultural land in the valley between. The land is of volcanic origin and suitable for agriculture. I provided vegetables and fruit for the British nitrate companies managed by Thomas Campell in the late 19th. Century, wich mined potassium nitrate in Northen Chile in such centres as Huara, Iquique, Arica, Humberstone, Maria Elena, Victoria etc. for export. After the British companies ceased mining nitrates, a Chilean national, Teófilo Bravo, continued cultivating the land and supplying produce to local outlets. The land 24 natural water sources are protected by Article §20 of the Water Code which states that water rising within the curtilage of property supplied drinking water to the mining centres. The climate is dry and rainfall is almost non? existent, leaving the hills with winds all year round, suitable for wind-powered energy. Owing to the strong demand for power from mining companies there are already many proyects for the production of electricity locally using solar panels. Quiuña Alto es considered the best area for such electricity production. The valley is at a maximum altitude of 700 metres above sea level. With a local access route in a good state of repair for vehicles. Owing to its geography, the hills are made up of slopes and flat areas allowing for the intallation of solar panels or wind turbines. Chile is power-hungry and lacks suficient energy production. This provides scope for investor interest in Quiuna Alto to provide the National Grid with power from both wind and solar panels-both ecological sources. Quiuna alto is located close to the power lines of the SING (Sistema Interconectado Del Norte Grande) providing easy accsess for transmission of power generated from these local sources.
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Buy Property in Pre-Cordillera Central Chile

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36°.03'.21.04, YERBAS BUENAS (LINARES), Talca, Chile Buy land in Chile stunningly beautiful set in a nature sanctuary in the mountains of pre linares, central area with a healthy Mediterranean climate, with abundant native forest, composed of ancient oaks, hazels, hualles native flora and fauna, waterfalls Fresh water pure and clear only to those who love to live in a natural environment, the ability to design and build your own home, enjoy the clean air and life in Chile concepts Construction, Green sustainable and compatible with the environment. I can sell from 2.1 Ha to 500 Ha as desired by the buyer can reach me at mobile 86899079 or 56 09 56 09 97171563. the GPS coordinates are 36 ° 03.. '31.04 "S, 71 ° 20' 56.24" Or elev. 513m alt eye 31.08km
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