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64 acres with new house 3km from trevelin chubut

$450,000 Dr Castro, Futaleufu, Chubut, Argentina 64-acre farm with the cozy peace and serenity of a mountain region, strategically located 3km from the city of Trevelin. It has electric lines throughout the property 1.7 km. It has a water containment dam of approx. 10m wide and 160m approx long, located on a natural water runoff that runs through the property. The property features a recently restored home from the Welsh colonization (130m2) with fruit plants and a recently built 170m2 house. The new house has thermal insulation, wooden planked floors, heating with Tromen salamanders and balanced draft, large aluminum windows and DVH (double glass) systems that allow you to enjoy the natural environment comfortably. Both houses are provided with electricity / water / gas network (gas cylinders).
64 acres with new house 3km from trevelin chubut Main photo

I sell 3 terrenos. Sierras de San Luis. Argentina.

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Villa de la Quebrada, San Luis - Capital, San Luis, Argentina I AM SELLING 3 URBANIZED LANDS. IN THE SIERRAS DE SAN LUIS (Argentina). PERMIT FOR REAL ESTATE ABROAD (I evaluate). Writing and services ready. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Tourist area, at the foot of the Central Sierras and on the 25 de Mayo Highway. 20 'from San Luis Capital and 10' from La Punta. No expense or particular restrictions. Open and self-sustainable looting. Division plan Approved. Writing to our name. Spring water and individual light, ready to use in each terrain. Central street with cord-ditch and with Solar lighting. Micro-climate very healthy ... with aerated and fresh summers ... and winters of warm sunshine ..., ... away from humidity and mosquitoes. For lovers of astronomy ... gemology ... ornithology ... photography ... painting ... the sport of air, mountain and water ... horseback riding ... and breathing pure oxygen. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Surfaces: 475 m2 - 700 m2 - 750 m2 These 3 lots are side by side, possibly achieving a total of 1,925 m2. The land of 475 m2 has 2 fronts: One direct to the highway and the other by the public street that we open to the center of our loteo (see map). -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Town closest to 3km (Villa de la Quebrada) with schools, first aid room, volunteer firemen, various shops. Public transport to La Punta, Villa de la Quebrada, Nogolí and San Luis Capital and from there to all points of the country and bordering. Airport 20 minutes. - School transportation. - Excellent signal of the services of free wi-fi internet and of all the cellular companies. - Municipal waste collection. - Provincial Maternity 15 minutes (all right on the highway). -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- - Time always clement with a concrete Single microclimate ... with cool and aired summers and warm winters. Silence and tranquility. - Suggestive view of every angle you look, ... at the front of the ground, a few meters away, the Central Sierras of San Luis and the other in front of the land, overlooking the Sierras de los Comechingones and the Cordillera de los Andes. The sun rises on the side of the Central Sierras. The sky being always clean, allows you to appreciate at night a large and bright moon and constellations, .. that is, for lovers of astronomy and / or simply in love with the naturally starry skies. - Ideal place for tourism development and / or live permanently, being one step away from the city. You can also take advantage of installing a commercial space, taking a direct front to the highway. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Optional to budget at the moment: Perimeter fencing, Ecological Sewer System with Biodigestor, Self-sustaining Watering, Pillar of light ... everything as it should be already standard. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- PROPOSALS FOR PRICES AND FORMS OF PAYMENT FOR EACH LAND: LAND OF 475 m2 (directly opposite the highway): 1) U $ 25,000 Cash 2) U $ 30,000 Funded. Delivery of US $ 15,000 + 15 fixed monthly payments of US $ 1,000. No interest 3) U $ 30,000 Funded. Delivery of US $ 15,000 + 30 fixed installments of US $ 500 per month. No interest LAND OF 700 m2: 1) U $ 30,000 Cash 2) U $ 35,000 Funded. Delivery of US $ 15,000 + 20 fixed monthly payments of US $ 1,000. No interest 3) U $ 35,000 Funded. Delivery of US $ 15,000 + 40 fixed installments of US $ 500 per month. No interest TERRRENO OF 750 m2: 1) U $ 35,000 Cash 2) U $ 40,000 Funded. Delivery of US $ 15,000 + 25 fixed monthly payments of US $ 1,000. No interest 3) U $ 40,000 Funded. Delivery of US $ 15,000 + 50 fixed installments of US $ 500 per month. No interest PROPOSALS FOR TWO GROUNDS TOGETHER: 700 m2 + 750 m2 = 1,450 m2 (a total of 31 meters x 47 meters): 1) 80,000 Dollars: Delivery of US $ 40,000 + 48 fixed installments (4 years) of US $ 835 per month. No interest 2) 90,000 Dollars: Delivery of U $ 20,000 + 70 fixed installments (6 years) of U $ 1,000 per month. No interest 3) 100,000 Dollars: Without initial delivery. 100% financed. In 100 installments (8 and a half years) fixed of US $ 1,000 per month. No interest PROPOSALS FOR THE THREE LOTS TOGETHER: 475 m2 + 700 m2 + 750 m2 = 1,925 m2: 1) 108,000 Dollars: Delivery of U $ 30,000 + 39 fixed installments (3 years and 3 months) of U $ 2,000 per month. No interest 2) 114,000 Dollars: Delivery of U $ 24,000 + 60 fixed installments (5 years) of U $ 1,500 per month. No interest 3) 120,000 Dollars: Delivery of U $ 20,000 + 100 fixed installments (8 years and 4 months) of U $ 1,000 per month. No interest * Proposals for other forms of payment are heard. * DO NOT swap -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Gisela & Stefano See more information and more photos on our website. ---------------------------------------
I sell 3 terrenos. Sierras de San Luis. Argentina. Main photo

The perfect investment opportunity in Valle de Uco

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Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina The perfect opportunity to own a piece of heaven. Situated at the feet of the Andes mountains and in the heart of the Ruta del Vino (path of wine) this 4900m2 land with a modern 230m2 house at 60% built (this means that the buyer can only but have fun finishing his or her dream house with an unprecedented view. The Land: The land in on the coordinates 33°39'07.2"S 69°10'49.2"W The land is situated on Aveiro Street s/n en el Valle de Uco (Ruta del Vino). The land is 4900M2 (surveying plan available). The land is fit for building a boutique cabin complex, restaurant, vineyards (boutique wine) and has irrigation permit. The land has three-phase electricity and water. The land is near Bodega Altos de Altamira, Cerveceria Himmel, Bodega Monteviejo, Clos de los 7, Claroscuro Bodega de Arte, Viñas Zucardi, Bodega Gimenez Rilli, Manzano Historico, all renouned international cellars, vineyards and tourist attractions. The house: It is an antiseismic house at 60% completion (all the big construction is done, now the buyer can have all the fun as it is a white canvas and can modify it easily). The house is 230M2 and a unique view of the Andes Mountains. The house is on two floors, downstairs 3,70x3,40m kitchen, a living room and living room (open plan) 12x5m, the living room has a fireplace, a toilette for visits of 1.30x3m and a bedroom for guests of 3.78x4.10m. On the first floor there is a master bedroom with fireplace (6,20x5,15m), dressing room (3,70x1,68m) and en-suite bathroom (3x2,70m) with a surface of 5,78x8m with terrace (2,75x10, 3m) and view to the Andes. Two bedrooms 4x4 (west bedroom with access to the terrace) and a bathroom of 1.70 x3, 20m. In front, the house has a gallery of 2.75x10.3m. The materials used are of first quality, the bricks used are 16.5x7x26 solid bricks. The house has a concrete floor tile and roof with wood tyranny, machimbre wood, perlite styrofoam and asphalt membrane (hidden roof). The area: The land is an area of vineyards and fruit crops that is attracting many foreign investors for the beauty of the place and tourism potential is a tourist zone but secluded, which gives the advantage of tourism and peace. The land is 2km from the town of Vista Flores, on the way to the Andes mountain range.
The perfect investment opportunity in Valle de Uco Main photo

Land for sale - Argentina (Winifreda) Santa Rosa

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SANTA ROSA, Winifreda, La-Pampa, Argentina Sale of field with armed hunting reserve in Argentina (winifreda party) province of the pampa "la alborada" is a field located in pampa provincial route No. 10, paved winifreda shares equidistant and luan toro at 45kms c / u.el field Is located between km 129 of the provincial route n ° 10 of the province of la pampa, depto de conolo, 80 kms from santa rosa, pampean capital, 45 kms from winifreda and 40 kms from luan toro. "La alborada" has 660 extension has more than 4 tables / lots full virgin with the assembly caldén, and some carob and piquillín chañl for the new hacienda near perimeter and the excellent facilities corrals, sleeve and loader for regulating farm work. Wired bites in excellent condition, with tanks of important water reserve, always two pumps of perforation, and 2 inputs of electrical energy, phase and single phase. There are currently 3 locks of Olympic fences, one of which has been used today as a perimeter of New Zealand wire fencing (with muflones, goats, red deer, antelopes, pallets, axis, dorset, multihorns, llamas). Trap, and another 200 ha of reserve of indigenous fauna (mainly red deer and wild boar). The main house consists of 2 bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, bathroom, pantry, covered gallery for 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, Autos, surrounded by guarded patio of chalices and with shade of elms. About 400 meters away is a legal container prepared for housing a manager and / or hunters, with bathroom, kitchen and bedroom for 4 people. Up to a few months ago there were about 500 cattle grazing. The value is US dollars (u $ s2800) per hectare. It can be annexed 350 hectares of adjoining neighboring field at 660ha ..
Land for sale - Argentina (Winifreda) Santa Rosa Main photo

Sale 87,000 hectares agricultural + spring water

  • 870000
San Rafael, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina Sale of land in the province of Mendoza in Argentina. Has two buildings habitable, arable land, several sources of mineral and thermal water, copper and gold mines without operating for many years. Two rivers pass close to the property, which lies 90km south of the city of San Rafael. The owner is in possession of geological and hydrogeological studies, as well as any documents necessary to facilitate the administrative management at the time of the purchase / sale transaction. Price negotiable.
Sale 87,000 hectares agricultural + spring water

1.2 million hectares, 6 and 4 other houses construction

  • 1200000
Cruz del EJe, Cordoba, Argentina Importante proprieté de 1200hectares,ruisseaux et rivière la croisent,6 grandes proprietés plus 4 autres constructions(pépinérie, grand espace pour les outils de travail,chevaux,les chevaux ,etc).Tèrre viérege de la flore autoctone,jamais cultivée, apte pour grand invéstissement en groupe ou privé. Idéal pour imprédissement touristique ou vacancier.Ou pour quelque entité privé en tant que leur lieu de vacances ou Hôtel rural.Possibilité de construire une ou plusières piscines avec l'eau de source propre!.. Un grand Bungalows pour 50-60 pax personnes avec TOUT LE MOBILIER et la décoration,l'´çeléctroménager et outre..tout compris!Tout ce qui se trouve dans les différentes maisons et le champs est inclus dans le prix. Si vous êtiez interéss, prière de me contacter pour l'envoie de plus de photos et reinsegnements détaillés. Les différentes propriétés comptent avec beaucoup de details: la maison principal, appellée le Temple de trois étages,a la chambre principal qui est un departement privé complet dans le 3ème étage,avec une grande et magnifique salle de bains avec Jacuzzi,style andalous/marocain..une salle avec des fauteils style marocain et une autre petite terrasse. Il y a des fauteuils et un grand écran plat HD. En descendant, à chaque étage il y a 3 chambres de lit avec leurs salles de bains/toilettes équipés, et ainsi dans le 1èr étage.En bas, se trouve le grand salon avec un patio andalous-marocian avec fontaine et grand lit , décors et lampes importés. Il se trouve une cheminée aussi et des grands espaces aptes pour conférences et workshops. Il existe une grande cabanne en bois, complètement équipée pour environ 50-60 personnes,équipée avec lits, salles de bains, douches
1.2 million hectares, 6 and 4 other houses construction Main photo

Barrio Privado 'La Magdalena' For Sale

  • 2030000
Francisco Caceres, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina Very exclusive. 203 hectares. 760 lots in total, only 250 sold. 100 houses built. Lots of green, trees and a virgin forest. Common area has a restaurant, 3 tennis courts, 1 paddle court, swimming pool, soccer field, gym, birthday/party saloon. Permission to build a hotel, 200 apartments and a sports club. Please ask any questions you may have. Fideicomiso (trusteeship) La Magdalena Come visit us!
Barrio Privado 'La Magdalena' For Sale
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