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Land for sale - Argentina (Winifreda) Santa Rosa

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SANTA ROSA, Winifreda, La-Pampa, Argentina Sale of field with armed hunting reserve in Argentina (winifreda party) province of the pampa "la alborada" is a field located in pampa provincial route No. 10, paved winifreda shares equidistant and luan toro at 45kms c / u.el field Is located between km 129 of the provincial route n ° 10 of the province of la pampa, depto de conolo, 80 kms from santa rosa, pampean capital, 45 kms from winifreda and 40 kms from luan toro. "La alborada" has 660 extension has more than 4 tables / lots full virgin with the assembly caldén, and some carob and piquillín chañl for the new hacienda near perimeter and the excellent facilities corrals, sleeve and loader for regulating farm work. Wired bites in excellent condition, with tanks of important water reserve, always two pumps of perforation, and 2 inputs of electrical energy, phase and single phase. There are currently 3 locks of Olympic fences, one of which has been used today as a perimeter of New Zealand wire fencing (with muflones, goats, red deer, antelopes, pallets, axis, dorset, multihorns, llamas). Trap, and another 200 ha of reserve of indigenous fauna (mainly red deer and wild boar). The main house consists of 2 bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, bathroom, pantry, covered gallery for 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, Autos, surrounded by guarded patio of chalices and with shade of elms. About 400 meters away is a legal container prepared for housing a manager and / or hunters, with bathroom, kitchen and bedroom for 4 people. Up to a few months ago there were about 500 cattle grazing. The value is US dollars (u $ s2800) per hectare. It can be annexed 350 hectares of adjoining neighboring field at 660ha ..
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