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Traditional IANTHE Hotel Vessa
  • 80/day
  • 7 rooms
  • 7 bathrooms
  • 6 Capacity
  • 300 m²
Vessa, Vessa
Traditional IANTHE Hotel Vessa. Traditional hotel IANTHE is located in VESSA, one of the Medieval villages of Chios, in the centre of island, in distance 19 km of city Chios. The village took his name probably from the Homirian name [bissa]=[valey] and continuity [Vessa]. Vessa is a castle – village from 1450, with narrow, cobbled streets and intact medieval architecture. VESSA delimits the region of MASTICHOCHORIA, that is constituted by nine [9] villages: Elata, Lithi, Mesta, Olympi, Pyrgi, Armolia, Kalamoti, Patrika. Their common traits are their particular building web and the cultivation of the famous mastic tree, which grows only in this region of CHIOS. In small distance from the settlement are found the archaeological spaces, ANABATOS and NEW MONI, with the exceptional Byzantine mosaics of 12th century, an UNESCO wold heritage sit. In small distance from VESSA meets particular beaches, as the TIGANI – AGIA IRINI and DIDIMA westwards, and KOMI - EMPORIOS - BLACK VOLIA in the south HOTEL The traditional Hotel IANTHE is located in the north- part of the traditional settlement, and is most easily approachable by car. To Hotel is comprised of two different buildings [A] - [B]. The distance between theme is 60 m. The building [A] is comprised of a Reception, livingroom, dining room, kitcken, four (4) rooms and also big courtyard - garden. The building [B] includes two (2) large rooms, small kitchen, also large veranda in the A floor, and loft. The rooms have particular W.C, TV- mini bar - Internet. AVAILABLE ROOMS Building [A] IRIS - A double room ( sleeps 2 ) AMARYLIS - 2 rooms, 1 double and 1 single beds ( sleeps 3 ) ANEMONI - 3 rooms ,including loft ( sleeps 3 ) TOYLIPA - 1 room with twin beds Building [B] IAKYNTHOS - Large room with a double and a single bed ( sleeps 3 ) NARKISSOS -Double room ( sleeps 2 )
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