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Bed & Breakfast
  • 30/day
  • 6 rooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 6 Capacity
Bed & Breakfast. My name is Kris Nijs and I come from Belgium. three years ago I leaved Belgium to start a new life in Peru ( south America ). In Peru I have bought a beautiful house near the beach were I live now together with my Peruvian wife Rahel Mosquera Olivares. Our house is in Ancon. Ancon is a picturesque Peruvian fishing village situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean were we have recently opened a pleasant Bed & Breakfast were our guest will feel them self immediately at home. ANCON: Ancon is a very quiet fishing village with a very friendly population. Because of this it is very surprising that you’re here only one hour away from a world city, Lima. Ancon was the first seaside resort in Peru, were all middle class from Lima came to escape the chaos and the stress from the capital city and to spend there free days and vacation on the beach in Ancon. Foreigner tourists are very rarely seen here and because of this Ancon has kept his typical Peruvian identity. Ancon is famous for it’s many cheap fish restaurants. Two times a day the fishermen from Ancon bring fresh fish from sea. This fish gets prepared in this local restaurants or you can buy here for yourself. Also you can find in Ancon a daily small market were you can buy all kinds of vegetables or fruits. THE CLIMATE: The mild ocean climate makes that Ancon has a very pleasant climate the whole year around. The winter: From may until October. But with minimum temperatures from 17 degrees you cannot really speak from winter of course. The summer: From November until April. The temperatures during the summer months are everyday around 32 degrees and this feels nice. During the summer months you really can enjoy from everyday sunshine without one day with bad weather. We never get rain in Ancon, not during the winter or not during the summer months. DAYTRIPS from ANCON: - A visit to the Castle of Chancay. This castle is build on a rock cliff over hanging the pacific ocean. It was built during the colonial period by the Spanish ( 30 minutes drive from Ancon ). - A visit to the beautiful colonial capital city from Peru, Lima. Rahel and I know Lima very well and could, if you would like, guide you around in this bustling world city with it 11,000 million habitants (1 hour drive from Ancon). - A visit to the town Canta that is situated high up in the Andes mountain range, during this trip you can enjoy the beautiful mountain landscapes that we will pass (whole day). - A visit to the daily market from Puente Piedra.This open air market is one of the biggest markets in and around Lima. It this very pleasant walking true this labyrinth of small alleys. Different population groups from all over Peru come to this market to sell their products (fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, meat, fish, chicken, clothes, shoes…etc). This market is a pleasure for the eyes ( 15 minutes drive from Ancon ). - A visit to Mega Plaza this hypermodern shopping center is a very big contrast with the just describe open air market from Puente Piedra and is situated just outside Lima (45 minutes drive from Ancon). - You can also make a few walk in the direct environment from Ancon (beaches and mountains) and you also can visit the small but very fascinating museum from Ancon. All this day trips from Ancon we can make together with you for a small compensation, for more information send us a e-mail. TRAVELING AROUND PERU: I have a lot of travel experience, with my motorbike I have traveled 4 years around the world (1999-2003). During this world trip with my motorbike I have visit 68 countries in 6 totally different continents and I drove in total 260.000 kilometers (I also wrote a book about this world trip, this book sold very well in Belgium and in The Nederland’s and is now sold out completely). With all my travel experience I can tell you that Peru is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and has a lot of touristy highlights to visit. Raquel and I have in the meanwhile traveled a lot more in Peru so we know the whole country very well. Here you find a few highlights that you cannot miss during your stay in Peru: - Ancon (of course). - Lima: the beautiful capital city of Peru. - Pisco: from Pisco you can visited the Ballestas Islands with a speed boot. This group of rocky islands is situated just of the coast and is an oasis of al kind of sea life including big groups of sea lions and seals, penguins and a lot of different sea birds. The Galapagos Islands in small format. - Ica: nearby the city Ica you can visit the oasis Huacachina in the middle of a wide spread dessert where you also can visit the second highest sand dunes in the world. - Nazca: here you can visit the world famous “Lines of Nazca” in the middle of a stone dessert. - Arequipa: the second biggest city of Peru situated on the slopes of the mighty Misti volcano high up in the Andes mountains. Nearby you also can visit the spectacular Colca Canyon. - The Titicaca Lake: the highest navigable lake in the world. From the city Puno you can visit the famous reed Oeros Islands. - Cusco: the former capital city of the Inca’s and now a very beautiful colonial city. From here you also leave to visit Machu Picchu. - Machu Picchu: also know as “THE LOST CITY of the INCA’S”. This was the holly city of the Inca empire and is now one of the 7 wonder of the world. - Huaraz: This city is situated deep inside the Andes mountain range. From Huaraz you have a very beautiful panorama of the highest Andes mountains from Peru with their snow tops. Iquitos: this city is situated in the hart of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. From here you can make some beautiful jungle trips. If you stay in our B&B we can help you to plan the rest of your trip in Peru and we also can give you a lot of handy travel information from Peru in general. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO OFFER YOU: - First of all we want you to fell like home in our Bed & Breakfast “La Conchita”. - We offer you a nice place to stay between Peruvian families. - We have a nice garden with all kinds of exotics plants. - In the back of the house we have a big open patio with a complete equipped bar and barbecue witch can be use by our guests. - We have clean and comfortable rooms. - Always clean sanitary and 24 hours a day hot water. - Every morning a very delicious breakfast. - We also have 2 bicycles available for our guests. - You can use our washing machine. - 24 hours a day internet connection ( e-mails,skype,messenger,webcam, etc…to keep in touch with your family and friends). - You can use our kitchen to cook for yourself . - If you want Rahel can make some typical Peruvian dishes or also Belgium food. - We can also pick you up from the international airport from Lima (this airport is situated 30 minutes drive from Ancon: prize 15 € or 23 US$ ). - We also have a car available. - My Peruvian wife and I speak both fluent Dutch, English and Spanish. - The beach is situated walking distant away ( 5 minutes walk ). - The capital city Lima is only 1 hour drive with public transport. The buses to Lima live every 5 minutes behind our B & B. - We also will give you a lot of travel information for the rest of your trips in Peru. PRIZES AND TARIFFS: - The prize for a room for 2 people inclusive breakfast: 30 € or 45 US$ a night ( 200 € or 300 US$ a week ). Children under 3 years old stay for free. The use of the internet and the kitchen is for free. I really think that our Bed & Breakfast “ La Conchita “ will be the perfect place for you to start your travels in Peru. We pick you up at the airport and bring you to our B&B in Ancon were you can acclimatized a few days after your arrivals in Peru and getting to know slowly the Peruvian culture. We also will give you a lot of travel information about Peru for the rest of your travels through this beautiful country. Ancon is a good place for a relaxing vacation without stress so we hope to meet you soon.