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Land in Galatas-Poros, Poros Island

55,00065,000 -15%
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Galatas-Poros, Poros Island, Argolis, Greece Poros, Galatas. 4160m2, buildable finca, located in Galatas, 180 kilometers from Atenas, on the northeast coast of the Peloponnese, in front of the island of Poros (island located one hour from Piraeus by boat), on the top of a hill, with panoramic views of the sea and the island of Poros, 250 meters from the sea. Possibility to build 250m2, 300 meters from the beach. The farm has 62 olive trees. Quiet location Electric current, water supply. One side of the farm faces the street along 25m. Water sports can be practiced in both Galatas and Poros. Poros is separated from the Peloponnese (Galatas) by a narrow channel of 250-400 meters wide. The crossing can be done 24 hours a day in boats-taxis every ten minutes, as well as every thirty minutes by ferry. The nightlife of Poros is very intense. Poros has connection to other islands and cities of the Peloponnese with fast boats. In Poros, as well as in Galatas, there are marinas for yachts and boats. It is located near archaeological sites (Epidaurus, Trisina, Argos, Corinto and Eretria). It is also close to Galatas el Limonero (Lemonodasos).
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Apartments for Sale in Argolis, Apartments in Argolis, for sale by owner and real estate agents (Greece).