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  • 2 rooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • 70
Apartment in the historic old town of Toledo, built in the fifteenth century and restored in 1996 Mudejar style, located in the old town consists of a living room, bedroom and basement with caves and niches of previous centuries possibly Roman enabled as TV and entertainment room, on the ground floor has 1 bedroom, single bathroom and shower with hot water, and kitchen with coffee maker, microwave and toaster for breakfast are complete. Located in the historical center of Toledo, 100 meters from the cathedral, surrounded by the sights turiscticos major, Town Hall Square, Cathedral, Santo Tomé, Greco Museum, Synagogue Traffic, etc.. There is a parking lot before reaching 50 meters, leaving your car at an approximate price of 12 eur per night, depending on season. Near the most emblematic restaurants in town, The Botero, La Orza, Adolfo, Aurelio, etc. sure to enjoy all the attractions both culinary and leisure that this wonderful city has to offer. It has guided route information most important to know the city, night routes, legends, Jewry, etc. What makes the palace Pantoja and Angulo is a special place is its perfectly preserved environment, the inner Toledo patio filled with plants and carved wooden paneling, the contrast of the stone and construction that have ever lived, makes us translademos in time and enjoy an experience not easily forget.