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  • 3 rooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 6 People
samborondon avenue km 2, Guayaquil, Guayaquil, Ecuador A beautiful private new apartment close to Universities, shopping centers , in less than 10 minutes to guayaquil , Buses around the corner, located in a quiet and safe neighborhood, near all stores and Restaurants new apartment furnished in community central park, samborondon av km 2, near UESS University, 3 bedrooms, 4 beds, 4 bathrooms, kitchen dining room, internet, washer and dryer clothes.. value; $ 138 dollars a day .. minimum stay 3 nights in fo inmosucasa guayaquil ol x e ma il... inmosucasa zero nine six nine seven three three five eight two

Art Eco apartment. Free WIFI 70 meters 3 persons 1 Bedroom MAT. & 1 portable bed

  • 1 room
  • 1 bathroom
  • 3 People
Calle Inglaterra, La Carolina, Quito, Ecuador MONTHLY SPECIAL OFFER IS ONLY CHARGED BY THE APARTMENT NOT FOR ALL 3 PEOPLE. BUT, IF YOU RENT BY NIGHT OR PER WEEK THE PAYMENT IS INDIVIDUAL. TROLLEY OR ELECTRIC BUS PASSES AV. MAIN TEN AUGUST TO 1 BLOCK AND AVERAGE APARTMENT MAP GOOGLE E35. QUITO, CAPITAL OF ECUADOR, SECTOR LA CAROLINA CLASS AAA. The street of the apartment is the first parallel of the main 1 to the East, is Residential to the North corner, and Comercial from there. This independent apartment is located on the first floor, measuring 70 meters, consists of: wicker room, also has a new closet cabinet and 1 extra portable bed in the living room. Dining room for 4 people, kitchen, bathroom, desk, 1 master bedroom, with its double bed, wardrobe, 1 armchair, TV, full bathroom with hot water and is private. The floor is of new ceramic. It is with nice colors. Free wi fi throughout the establishment. It has a patio, with table, 4 benches and parasol, is an external dining room. SRI Invoice is delivered to the guest, Tax is included. THERE IS A MONTHLY OFFER IS CHARGED BY THE APARTMENT, NOT BY PERSON. ONLY PER MONTH. ON CHANGE, if you rent it for nights or weeks if you pay per person INDIVIDUAL. The Sector is The Carolina that is Class AAA, and is for its attractions and for its services. El Barrio is Juan Montalvo, it is the parallel street to the Av. Diez de Agosto that is the main one of Quito in the Google Map is E35, of the Avenue Ten of August, by where the electric bus passes. We have in the neighborhood 3 Parks, 5 Shopping Centers of the best. SECURITY.- Alarm G4S the best of Ecuador, is connected to an electric fence on the 4 green doors of the street, 24 hours, with permanent monitoring. We have in the corner a Park where a police station is perennial. The apartment is easy to clean for your tile floor. It is delivered every 8 days sheets and towels washed on behalf of the Hosts. To 1 block and a half there is an electric bus or trolley that passes until the 24:00 pm and its price is 0,25 uses, cvos. Nearby we have good restaurants with national and international meals, sometimes there is live music, with comfortable prices. Fruit-free fruit shops. Bakeries like the one on the corner, you can buy fresh and hot bread twice a day. GUARANTEE: If the guest arrives for NIGHT or WEEK, the price is 150 Euros, but, if it is for MONTH, Minimum 1 night to stay. Present at the entrance your original passport and deliver your copies until you leave. There is a patio with furniture to take the sun, table, parasol and seats. The Hostess will give free advice, to the guest of Quito and other places of interest and History. There is a Zoo about 1:30 mins very interesting, and it is as if they would be in their own habitat, by nature and open cages. Also elsewhere there are horses for adults and children. In the Sector there are 3 Parks the one of the Mariana de Jesus in the corner, the one of the Drinking Water behind, and the one of the Carolina to 5 blocks. We have 5 Shopping Centers of the Best of Quito. The Carolina Sector is the best for the tourist in its attractions and because there are commercial ATMs, there are also many banks and places for financial events. It is a Residential Sector as far as the corner of La Mariana de Jesus, as Commercial from there. In the Parks, folklore groups often come to perform their dances, with cute colorful costumes, and beautiful dances. Quito is surrounded by beautiful mountains, and the weather is sometimes in the same day the 4 seasons. The apartment is located so well, that you can move very early in the morning to any tourist attraction and then return at night to sleep. OPTIONAL TRANSPORTATION.- If you wish to transport a friendly family you have a VAN HYUNDAI THE PRICE IS: 25USA, Or Euros, the day. 30 USA. Or Euros the Night. The Van is individual for the Guest or their relatives. The colors are: Green, orange and yellow. WELCOME WITH ECUADORIAN FLOWERS AND FRUITS. IS DELIVERED INVOICE OF SRI INCLUDING TAXES.
Art Eco apartment. Free WIFI 70 meters 3 persons 1 Bedroom MAT. & 1 portable bed Main photo


  • 28 rooms
  • 18 bathrooms
  • 2 People
Inglaterra, entre Mariana de Jesús Norte y Vancouver Sur, frente a Servicio Chevrolet e Iglesia La Viña, tras de la EEQ y el EMAPP., La Carolina, Quito, Ecuador SWEET CIELO.- are in the NORTH CENTER QUITO ,. The apartment is located on the first floor of the hotel, very close is the bathroom toilet, and the second floor is the bathroom. The apartment is small but has the following: DORMITORIO.- bed 2 places, 1 mirror cabinet, 1 table at night, the window faces the side of the house, double curtains, TV and DVD, 2 electric COCINA.- burner stove, refrigerator, small pots and necessary. Dining table and chairs and dishes, and everything else necessary. The room can use the house, that are within walking distance, where there is a fireplace. also has a refrigerator in the house that is very close to the apartment, if you would have many purchases. Terrace-99mts. BBQ, Solarium, furniture as: table, chairs, parasol.Vista spectacular Mountain and the City. Sector Carolina Class AAA for its attractions and services. The Best of Ecuador for Financiers and executives, all you have to organize events, large and Restaurants Rooms with sites on the second floor, for meetings Financial. Free WIFI throughout the hotel. We in Sector 3 parks, 1 of them is at the corner of the house, and La Carolina 5 blocks is huge, 10 x 10 blocks, wonderful in Nature and services. G4S Alarm SECURITY.- the best of Ecuador, taken to an electric fence for 24 hours monitoring is on 4 green front doors. Clinical England a few steps, and in the park of the corner is a site police for help. Asesoramiento.- The Host provides free on Tourism in Quito or Ecuador, maps, brochures lend, but only provided for Guests Futures, thanks for your understanding. * We want you to feel at your own home happy and relaxed * We WARRANTY.- only 180 Euros to departure, and the Original Passport show and give copies to leave. The dining table can become desktop and laptop for no other place in the bed is blue. If OFERTA.- per month can receive the price for 2 people, only if it is per month, not per night or per week. SPECIAL OFFER IF 2 PEOPLE MONTHLY PAID BY A. We OPCIONAL.- 1 VAN TRANSPORT OR VAN HYUNDAI H1 to move people to and from Mariscal Sucre Airport, price: 30 Euros if at night, 25 Euros if in the day. ACCESS FOR GUESTS TO ALL, LESS THE KITCHEN: But if the Host wants to teach their dishes, and learn yours, be in the kitchen of the house, we have been delighted each other, with the exchange of knowledge, then we we gave recipes for each.


  • 1 room
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2 People
Inglaterra, entre Mariana de Jesús Norte y Vancouver Sur, Barrio Juan Montalvo, Sector La Carolina, a 1 y media cuadra de Av. 10 de Agosto Mapa Google E35, La Carolina, Quito, Ecuador We are in QUITO SECTOR CENTER NORTH CAROLINA THE CLASS AAA for its attractions and services. The best place for executives, that their banks have ATMs. Number of places for events and very good restaurants. In 45 meters it has a full suite, a bedroom with a bed Queen Size 3 seater. Room with modern furniture, dining room for 4 people, kitchen, bathroom is in the hall next to the apartment on the second floor where the apartment is located. Terrace of 99 meters with BBQ, Solarium, ceramic floor, spectacular view of the mountains and the city. Everything in the apartment is modern furniture on the first floor, are old, but well maintained. We have 3 parks nearby, one of them has 10 x 10 blocks, is huge with all kinds of attractions and a lake for rowing, Nature beautiful, and 5 shopping centers. 180 Euros returnable WARRANTY.- the time they leave, the same show PASSPORT, and a copy so far to go. PARALLEL TO ESTE.- 1 block and a half we have a Av. 10 August Quito principal in Google Map E35, in the same there are electric buses until 24:00 pm. 0,25cvos value uses. And much closer transport, taxis easily. Free WIFI.- everywhere is broadband, 24 hours 7 days. The window is huge, from ceiling to floor and from left to right, double curtain, veil and thick. TV on top and DVD. We also have an electric heating apparatus feet, from Germany. As it is on the second floor it is warm. Guests have access to the entire house, except for the kitchen, which if they do in their private apartment. Sometimes the Host, and receives instruction teaches dishes, and provides your kitchen to share the special dishes of the two countries in question. SAFETY: We have an alarm G4S the best of Ecuador, taken to an electric fence on the 4 green garage doors Street, monitoring is constant 24 hours. Park at the corner of the house, there is an aid station for the police, for any emergency. A few steps have England Clinic. We are located behind the main Electric Company, and before the Main Water Supply Company. Av. Amazonas is 5 blocks, like the Carolina Park, to enjoy, and good transportation. ASESORAMIENTO.- Host will provide the one you want from Quito or Ecuador, are provided with Maps and brochures provided only for new guests, I hope your understanding * We hope you feel happy and relaxed as if you would in your own home * OFFER : the indicated price per person can be for people who arrive in the Precious I, this is the capacity up to 3 people, NO MORE pEOPLE AGREED. ONLY FOR RENT MONTHLY, this offer is not for accommodation per night or week. TRANSPORT OPCIONAL.-We have a van or truck HYUNDAI H1 and if you want the price up to 3 people is 30 Euros if at night and 25 Euros if in the day, moving from or to the airport in Tababela * Mariscal Sucre * a the Ruth Apartments. WARRANTY.- From 250 Euros until the time of departure, after review. Original PASAPORTE.- display and deliver a copy thereof to leave. Quito has the UNESCO AWARD: * HERITAGE * Many other awards as one of the best capitals of the world, or the greenery of its nature.
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